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All cut up.

greenskirt1I am notoriously bad at planning outfits. Unlike my big sister, who like a seasoned serial killer and sociopath has notebooks filled in tiny penmanship of everything she has ever worn, I always end up basically winging it despite my best efforts to actually lay something out the night before. One, ain’t nobody got time for that. Two, I am fucking fickle as shit. I used to have a real itch to avoid wearing the same color twice in a row but I also get in makeup ruts (can’t stop wearing purple eyeshadow for weeks lately) that prevent me from wearing certain colors (in this case–purple). So of course, this outfit was half accident. All I wanted to do was wear this lime laser-cut skirt, the rest just fell into place. And for that reason, I am impressed.


Also, this stacking just makes me smile. Wood, turquoise, copper and gaudy plastic beads. It reminds me of friendship bracelets and the summer fat camp my grandma always threatened to send me to but never did. (I did make that bead bracelet at an OA women’s retreat so I guess I made it to fat camp after all sooooo whatever, Grandma.)

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