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Notorious BIG sweater

Sweatshirts are definitely near the top of my list of most unflattering pieces of clothing. A few snips at the neck and sleeves are all I needed to turn this awesome men’s Notorious BIG sweatshirt into a sick slouchy tee. Old school meets new fashion. The gold swan flats are also from Urban (similar here).

Neon nails

There’s plenty of shine with the top and shoes so I wanted to go a little simple with the jewels. The stacked wooden bead necklace is from Target (similar from Etsy here). Sucks to be you but I found this carved bone skull ring at a gem and mineral fair (shut up, they have bomb estate sales for vintage jewelry. And geodes for my dork husband. I said shut up.) and this copper studded plate bracelet at A Glance Into The Past in Arroyo Grande. We go there to stock up on old cartoon drinking glasses. Didn’t I tell you to shut it?

Oh yeah and the shades are from ASOS. Find them here in white.

Mom and stroller

If SHE could do it, so can you.

First off, I have to clarify my usage of the term “full-time mom.” Whether you have a paying job, whether that job is 20, 40, or even 60 hours a week, we are all full-time moms. However if calling myself a stay-at-home mom even remotely subconsciously suggests to me that I should stay in my house, on my couch, in my sweats any more than I absolutely need to, then I just can’t use the term. We all know that getting out of the house with a baby can be a tall order. Some days it takes me all I’ve got to get it done and the whole time in my head, I am kicking, screaming, and shitting my pants as much as my kid is. Nevertheless, I still advise you to

Get The Fuck Out Of Your House

Like most things in motherhood, this too gets easier the more you do it. Every time you and baby bon voyage together, you learn how he copes in different settings at different times of day. You also quickly learn that over-packing will not help you avoid disaster, only strategy will and you can’t get that without practice.

As for motivation to get out, some days you will plain and simple not have it. Aside from it being a tad difficult, there tend to be limited actual reasons for me to leave the house. Walks are usually reason enough but like all good-for-you things, it gets old. So my favorite thing to do on the reg is

Mall Trips

Like many compulsive people, my first ideas when trying to find something to do often involve eating and shopping. Even though I tragically cannot afford all the clothes in the fucking universe as much as I can’t afford the extra calories of eating at Hot Dog On A Stick everyday just like in my dirtiest fantasies, I still really like taking a stroll through the mall. One, window shopping is a great way to take some style notes and get inspired to “shop” through my own closet when I get home. Two, you can easily walk a mile or two in a long, leisurely circle through the mall which is fabulous when the weather sucks. And three, Panda Express has low calorie options. Can’t go wrong.


Polka Dot Dress

I was invited to a white party this Memorial Day weekend, which is something I have only ever seen on episodes of Real Housewives. So natch, I was all about it. My first thought was how I could create a look around these amazing white fringe cowgirl boots I found in my husband’s grandmother’s hoarder house (she had like 20 brand-new pairs in my size–score).

Wood jewelry

Unfortunately I did not have an all-white dress that would go with these very Western shoes, but polka dots and ruffles? Great ingredients for a girly country look for this leisurely weekend. Some wooden accessories (all vintage finds, btw) were the perfect finishing touches.

Zune MP3 Player

Yes, that’s a Zune. Seven years old and it still works. Suck it, iPod.

I’m currently in month four of a whopping six-month maternity leave and before the baby even popped out, I found myself bored stupid and Googling “bored maternity leave.” If you’ve done the same, you will find many a discussion thread of great but generally repetitive tips on how not to kill yourself slowly with compulsive snacking and daytime television. So, in a series I will call FTM (full-time mom) Tips, here are some things that have kept me sane and entertained thus far.

Listen To Music That Makes You Feel Cool

Not guilty pleasure music and not necessarily your favorite music, but songs and artists that you feel give you a little street cred. You know what I’m talking about, don’t lie! There is that favorite music list you would put on an online dating profile, and then there is that secret list that would only be revealed if you chose truth instead of dare. Listen to the former as much as possible. Because you will spend more time indoors and basically alone, you will have more freedom to indulge in your dirty little secrets, and that’s totally cool. But don’t overdo it. You still have appearances to keep up–to yourself. Think about it.

And While You’re At It, Get Into New Music

Search for stuff you already have on Amazon. The suggestions that pop up afterward are usually pretty legit. Ergo the baby around a local record store that has listening booths are those little red…thingy machines. Think of it this way, you are going to eventually hang out with your friends again and it would be awesome if you had something other than red butt and reflux to talk about, particularly if most of your friends have yet to spawn (whole ‘nother can of worms entirely, but we’ll get to that in due time).

DKNY Jeans Dress

Even when my day calls for a casual look (which is like everyday on maternity leave), I have to inject some edge into my outfit. It is really the only way for me to feel like I am actually wearing clothes and not a burlap sack. This drawstring dress by DKNY Jeans is equal parts cool and comfy. The simple addition of a mixed metal spiked necklace from INPINK adds to the texture of the abstract print while giving the look that little dose of punk chic I crave.

INPINK necklace

Inaugural post! So exciting. First, a quick mission statement. This blog is for new mommies that need a little motivation and/or inspiration to keep their stylish juices flowing while raising a tiny human being. Sounds like a tall order but I know it’s possible and totally worth it. When you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, you are the best mom you can be. So join me in this journey. Don’t lose your cool.stacked bracelets

Anyway, onto my first style tip. New moms, you will find that opportunities for wearing your fine jewelry (that growing pile of anniversary and Valentine’s Day gifts that have gotten progressively better over the years as your partner gets a better clue of your taste, thank god) are few and far between these days. You may not be going out to as many romantic dinners or formal occasions but that doesn’t mean your fancier jewels should collect dust.

Stacking your bracelets is not only on trend, it’s also a perfect opportunity to sneak in a little sparkle. Here I took a vintage studded link bracelet and paired it with a gorgeous black diamond bracelet. While their styles are different, they match in color so it does come together nicely. Sparkling drawstring bracelets also provide the essential mix of glamour and casual. This gorgeous piece from Balla Bracelets is encrusted in Swarovski crystals for a stunning shimmer.