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When it comes to denim, I really like to branch out and try new trends. Since I have pairs in my go-to cuts and colors, denim has to be pretty compelling in order for me to add it to my wardrobe. Remember those mom jeans with the plastic knees…I would have. Just sayin. Luckily, I was happy to see some unique styles at rue21, along with some fall staples to pair them with. My new favorite fall must-have–the cropped hoodie.

rue21 ombre plus size jeans

The thing I cannot loathe more about sweaters is how long they tend to be on me (short AND short torsoed) and how hard of a problem that is to fix. Knit sweaters are very hard to alter and sweatshirts can be a bitch to cut correctly. So this solves my problem perfectly and is just the right amount of edge yours truly is accustomed to.

plus size cropped sweatshirt

Now for the jeans, one thing I have yet to try before this is an ombre wash, nor have I rocked a step cuff. I can definitely get used to this. This pair had plenty of stretch so the comfort level was amazing. Also, these are supposed to be crops but you know…short. It’s actually why I love crops. No alteration required.

rue21 ombre plus size jeans

Aaaand my life is also now completely because I have rose-gold sneakers. For. Under. 20. Bucks. *dies*

rue21 ombre plus size jeans

Printed denim is also something I have limited experience with, making these leopard babies all the more crucial.

rue21 plus fall jeans review

plus size savage crop top

And what is more “hard femme” than a lace trim SAVAGE crop top? I can’t wait to patch up this denim jacket. My denim vest was getting a tad full. Also, notice I am wearing the same sneakers in pewter and they are amazing.

Shopping Linkies:

Cropped sweatshirt | rue21
Ombre jeans | rue21
Rose gold sneakers | rue21
Denim jacket | rue21
Savage crop top | rue21
Leopard jeggings | rue21
Pewter sneakers | rue21

Here’s why I love plus size maxi dresses–they are easy, they are easy, and they are EASY. Everyone always has something to say when you where one and you get to giggle in secret while you think about throwing it over your head and running the fuck out the door.

But more than that, they are versatile when done right. They have the flow to keep you cool in the summer and the coverage to protect you from fall chills, with plenty of ways to layer and style them into new looks. Here are a few gems I picked out with simple yet stylish cuts in colors that can easily take you into the colder months.

Summer Floral Maxi

Summer Floral Maxi - Ivory

How perfect would this look with a denim or leather jacket? Or even my new obsession–denim bombers?

Printed Full Sleeve Maxi Dress

Printed Full Sleeve Maxi Dress

This one I love because the floral isn’t too vibrant and more muted for fall. Plus, it will look amazing with a sleeveless trench.

Isla Floral Print Maxi Dress

Plus Isla Floral Print Maxi Dress

This red poppy color is a great shade for fall. I’d love to see it edged up with a black biker jacket.

Helen Floral Off The Shoulder Maxi Dress

Plus Helen Floral Off The Shoulder Maxi Dress

Even your off-shoulder dresses can be layered for dropping temps. This dark floral would pair perfectly under a chunky, cropped sweater.

Frankie Stripe Tie Front Maxi Dress

"Plus Frankie Stripe Tie Front Maxi Dress "

A simple cardigan is all you need for this pinstriped perfection.

Orla Striped Column Maxi Dress

Plus Orla Striped Column Maxi Dress

What can I say? I’m kinda living for stripes. They are very transitional, after all. Fall calls for more geometric prints and flirty summer stripes definitely qualify. This piece would look fantastic with a bomber to keep the look sporty-chic.

ZANZEA Polka Dot Maxi Dress

ZANZEA Women Polka Dot Strapless Boho Spaghetti Long Maxi Beach Party Dress

Pockets alert! This is another great piece for a denim jacket and booties.

Verdusa Color Block Maxi Dress

Verdusa Women's Summer Color Block Half Sleeve Split Casual Loose Shift Maxi Dress

How amazing is this color combo? But how about that slouchy cut, tho? Love.

Junarose Plus Size Tie Dye Maxi Dress

"Junarose Women's Plus Size Sleeveless Tie Dye Maxi Dress "

Fact: the only acceptable tie-dye shade is black and white. Fight me.

Annabelle Racerback Maxi Dress

Annabelle Women's Casual Racerback Tank Top Sleeveless Long Maxi Dresses

Blush is a color that transcends seasons. Get you some blush.

Boho Me Maxi Dress

Boho Me Maxi Dress

I do love the dark lavender of this dress but it comes in even more colors!

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Shopping for bottoms has been my jam lately for one very important reason: I’m expecting…to keep the extra inches I have gained around my middle for a while as I shed more and more toxic dieting behaviors.

Let me explain! I took an online course called Dare Not to Diet, which is amazing. It made me realize my ED recovery had become very dietesque and suffocating and crazy-making. So as I shed all my food “rules” that once kept me safe but now make me insane, my body is changing in response. And while most of my clothes still fit, tight jeans can be triggering and looser pants are definitely more gentle mentally right now. Also, they are insanely cloot.

plus size palazzo pants

plus size west coast bathing suit

If you’re not wearing your bathing suits as bodysuits rn, you are not getting your money’s worth. In fact, I have yet to wear this one for its intended purpose but I will because LOOK AT THE BACK OMG

plus size west coast bathing suit

Slitted pants are the thing right now and I am so happy to be on this train. This pair reminds me of the movie Angus in the most affectionate way:

plus size side slit pants

I just noticed how “knotty” this look is. Top knot, tee knot, waist knot. I did not plan this. Magic just happens.

I'm not a blogger tee

OK this last one is my favorite:

Plus size wide leg pants

It’s not often I get to rock the collared shirt and statement necklace look but it is one of my top 10 styles.

Plus size wide leg pants

It was also a great opportunity to strap on my super nostalgic platform sandals. Yes, they are lighter than Cool Whip.

platform sandals

Oh and who dis bb?

Plus size wide leg pants

plus size fashion

It’s my ket, Divvy. She does really go with the rust pants.

Shopping Linkies:

West Coast swimsuit | Forever 21
Not a blogger tee | Forever 21
Side slit tie pants | Eloquii
Chambray top | Poshmark (Join now and get $5 to spend on any item! Use code GOCLP)
Platform sandals (only available in black) | Rocket Dog

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Finally getting to try a brand that has been on my radar for a while is like Christmas come early. But this particular brand is close to my heart for one very important reason–They. Get. It.

Universal Standard understands that women’s bodies change and fluctuate, sometimes rapidly. So they made it their policy that you can exchange any piece of clothing for a different size within one full year. Yeah. Amazing right? I know stressing about fitting into my clothes takes up way too much of my mental energy.

Universal Standard black top and skirt

What’s equally amazing is their dramatic yet minimalist style and impeccable construction. For those of you looking to create a capsule wardrobe, US is a great resource and definitely worth the designer price tag.

Universal Standard black top and skirt

They are also the place to be if you live for black. While they do have a few colorful pieces, US specializes in what I like to call The Grownup Goth. I’m here for it. We all know I have enough neon makeup and accessories to make it my own, particularly these ridiculous earrings from NIN 3. They make me miss Coachella so damn much.

Plus size obi tie belt

It’s all about playing with texture when going monochrome. The resin finish of the tee and the sleek satin of the belt are in perfect harmony.

Universal Standard black top and skirt

Universal Standard black top and skirt

Also, I need to talk about these shoes. So I’m 32 and apparently I am falling apart because I fucked up my foot WHILE WALKING. I was wearing zero-cushion shoes on concrete and my foot was basically like oh this part of your life is over. Now cushioned foot-beds will be a thing you actually shop for. Luckily, Clarks are cloot and I want to be buried in these wedges.

Shopping Linkies:

Carver top | Univeral Standard
Unity skirt | Universal Standard
Obi belt | Universal Standard
Freak earrings | NIN 3
Clarks Clarene wedge | Nordstrom

You guys have already heard me sing the praises of my friend and photog Suma Jane Dark and the life-giving powers of sexy shoots just for shits. With this next installment of “That Boudoir Life,” I will also let you in on the best kept secret in plus-size apparel that is Curvy Girl Lingerie.

Plus size boudoir shoot by Suma Jane Dark

“Sexy is not a size.” These are the words around which Chrystal Bougon has built her business, which includes both a brick and mortar boutique in San Jose, Calif. and online store at I’ve shopped at Curvy Girl many times for the perfect anniversary or rando hey remember how hot I am piece of naughtiness. They were even sweet enough to name this badass plus-size teddy after me!

Plus size boudoir shoot by Suma Jane Dark

Blue lace plus size teddy

My least favorite parts of shopping for lingerie is not being able to 100% rely on fit when buying online and definitely NOT wanting to talk to a real person face to face because yes, I can post pictures like this but I am still awkward AF when it comes to having a conversation about my underwear. Luckily, the friendly people at Curvy Girl are always there to take your call and answer any questions you have about a product. They also have a very useful sizing page that gives you size recommendations for each brand!

Plus size boudoir shoot by Suma Jane Dark

Fishnet + Fat = WERQ

Hot pink fishnet plus size lingerie

Plus size boudoir shoot by Suma Jane Dark

Don’t ask me why I decided to go so punk rock in this last shoot. Sometimes my teenage rebellion just pops the fuck up for no good reason and I always have something studded or spiked ready to reflect it. Also, when I saw this on the rack, I knew I had boots to match and couldn’t resist.

Plus size boudoir shoot by Suma Jane Dark

Plus size boudoir shoot by Suma Jane Dark

All photos by Suma Jane Dark. Makeup by Hayley Atherton.

Shopping Linkies:

Blue Lace Teddy | Curvy Girl Lingerie (similar here)
Hot pink fishnet dress | Curvy Girl Lingerie

God, there is nothing I hate more than wearing my interests and displaying them for all to see.


Me and wearable pop-culture references go way back. After all, when plus-size fashion was even more sparse than it is now, you could always rely on finding men’s tees and pants to fit your frame. Because sexism. But luckily, Torrid is bringing me back to my fashion roots without resulting to DIY to make things a bit more femme. How cute is this tee that accurately depicts my love of breakfast food?

Eggo waffles t-shirt

Eggo waffles t-shirt

Of course, Torrid’s pop culture gear includes a lot more than waffle memorabilia. I was torn between this top and every Nirvana shirt they had. Plus, they came out with an All That tank top right after I ordered this because life is cruel. And even though I’m down with the Disney, wearing it isn’t usually my thing but respect to those who do.

Plus size patched bomber jacket

Also OMG I love this jacket. It’s a super lightweight bomber, ideal for the Bay’s wishy washy stance on wind chill. Plus, I love me some patches.

Plus size patched bomber jacket

Also, have you heard me rant on the perfect fit that is the Torrid extra short jean? Length is always a problem, but I gladly deal with it for the right fit everywhere else. Torrid has never made me compromise. They are hands-down my favorite jeans on the planet. And for less that $50 a pop, give me all of them please and thank you.

Shopping Linkies:

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The other night, I was having dinner with a great friend I haven’t seen in over four years. We picked up right where we left off pretty naturally and obviously since I was one half of the party, the conversation definitely dipped into fashion once or 10 times. Then we delved into denim and how jean shopping is the Antichrist for basically all women, even her who is thin and has more options. By options, I mean, she can put it on. But will it make her feel good and comfortable? Meh.

No matter what number graces the tags in your closet, hunting for jeans can only range from “total bitch” to “literal impossibility.” When I find jeans I like, I buy them in doubles or in every color. When I find that a brand is consistent with their jeans, I send everyone and their mother there. This is precisely why I was a little nervous in reviewing RWN by Rawan. However, since Rawan Ghawi brought plus sizes to Forever 21 and was a buyer for Torrid, I figured this would be a safe try. So here goes:

Pair #1: Limited Edition Rodeo Deconstructed Wash Ankle Fray Jeans

RWE By Rawan plus size skinny jeans

Holy crap, do I love a good distressed jean. Here’s what I also love–a high-ass waist, actual front pockets and semi-thin stretch fabric. On these points, this pair really hit it.

RWE By Rawan plus size skinny jeansOne thing that is a challenge for me is the life of the stretch. Honestly, it’s a hard balance to strike and only one other brand has achieved this for me. This is the one pitfall of this pair. They stretch but then they seem to keep stretching throughout the day. By the late afternoon, it felt like the waist had just given up on me.

RWE By Rawan plus size skinny jeans

However, my ass and legs still felt adequately hugged. If your hips are smaller than your waist, these could be a great fit for you after a bit of breaking in.

Pair #2: Compression Moto Pull On Skinny Jean

RWE By Rawan plus size skinny jeans

These jeans are above all sturdy AF. The denim is thick and durable, hence the moto style. The waistband is wide and supportive. They looked amazing once I got them on but that was a bit of labor. And jumping.

RWE By Rawan plus size skinny jeans

But look at my butt. It is nice to have one or two pairs of “sacrifice my comfort for fashion” jeans and this fits the bill.

If I could combine the wash of the second pair with the fit and fabric of the first, I’d have a near-perfect jean. Overall, the first was my favorite because I can see myself lounging at home AND meeting besties for tapas in them. I’m excited to see what else this brand has in store for us.

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It has indeed been a while since I have done a remix look where I re-style pieces previously featured on the blog. This one, however, is way more of a refresh than simply throwing on a new necklace or shoes. Remember this little number?

Eloquii laser cut hem dressMeeeee too. I fucking love this dress. And of course, this picture was literally the last time I wore it because how often can you really wear a piece like this? As I was cleaning out my closet for maybe the second time this month, I briefly considered selling it but the thought physically hurt. The shape is so unique and special, if only there was a way I could get more mileage out of it.

Then my scissors started screaming I’LL HANDLE THIS.

Turning a dress into separates

Let’s get one thing straight, I am not great at sewing. I have a machine, I kinda know how to use it, I usually end up crudely hand-sewing because I am lazy and actual tailoring involves way too much ironing, they don’t tell you that part until you’ve already paid for sewing classes. Luckily, heavy scuba material like what this dress it made out of, does not fray! All I had to do was cut through a plastic zipper in the back and epoxy the zip end in place. Then I hemmed the top of the skirt.

Also, before we move on OMG THESE SHOES.

ASOS gold slingback flats

Mark watched me open them and he told me he hadn’t seen me this riled up since the season finale of Westworld.

Moving on, I also had to sew this sweet Pearl Jam patch onto the top because history. And regret.


This is me at…23? Wearing my favorite dress in the world that I butchered and puff-painted after buying it at a French Connection in London because it was literally the only thing I could find that fit. It had a beaded collar that was falling apart. I managed to keep the collar but NOT the Pearl Jam patch that came off of what would become a very rare shirt I would end up paying $50 for 10 years later just to relive this favorite dress memory.

Anyway, hot pink/orange-red color combo checked off my bucket list!

Turning a dress into separates

As for the skirt, I think I will find plenty of uses for it.


Outfit Deets:

Blue leather skirt | The Plus Bus
Gold slingback flats | ASOS (Get 2.5% Cash Back at Ebates! Join here.)
Purple lace-up flats | Ebay

I have to preface this post by saying nothing will ever replace crop tops in my heart. Nothing. Feeling myself hard enough to wear a crop top was a life-changing experience. I understand how trivial that sounds but imagine if you were my fupa and you spent your entire life in hiding and one day, a magical piece of clothing set you free. So, yeah. Just let that simmer for a while.

Even though crop tops were my number one middle finger to fatphobic fashion, mesh tops are really rising to the top of my list. But how about a mesh top you can tie into a knotted crop? Mind blown.

Nothing to wear plus size mesh top

Nothing to wear plus size mesh topIt was Mother’s Day and I was having a MOMENT with this concha. Not only was it the best I have had since I was a kid, it fucking matched my lipstick. I need to work with food props more often.

Nothing to wear plus size mesh top


Nothing to wear plus size mesh top

Pink concha

Sure fine I gave you life but I can see that’s not enough so here take my delicious concha. Grumble.

I actually blame the serendipitous concha/lipstick matching to my recent pinktastic episodes in which I just pile on the blush and bashful to an obscene degree like right about now…

Floral mesh plus size bodysuit

Yep. Those are fuzzy pink sandals. And pink velvet.

Floral mesh plus size bodysuit

And my hair is a wee bit pink.

Floral mesh plus size bodysuit

And it’s imperative that I talk about this bralette I am wearing–my first purchase from Rue 21. While I love bralettes and have learned to embrace my natural breast shape in return for ditching fucking underwires, this magical thing told me I could have it all. It has structure AND comfort. It is Christmas.

So do you guys remember those Magic Slate things where you can draw or write on neon pink plastic that clings to a white board underneath? This top makes me feel like a human version of that.

Neon orange plus size mesh top

Neon orange plus size mesh top

Neon orange plus size mesh top

No need to stop, drop, and roll. I am not really on fire.

Neon orange plus size mesh top

Neon orange plus size mesh top

Neon orange plus size mesh topMirror nails and glitter eyes. My middle name is toofuckingmuchomgstop. I scare myself sometimes.

Neon orange plus size mesh top


Shopping Linkies:

Nothing to wear top | Forever 21 (Get 2% Cash Back at Ebates! Join here.)
Floral mesh bodysuit | Forever 21
Velvet pants | Rue 107
Lace bralette | Rue 21
Faux fur sandals | Amazon
Neon mesh top | ASOS (Get 5% Cash Back at Ebates! Join here.)

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I’m going to do that thing again where I pull from the massive trash pile of useless pop-culture knowledge that makes up maybe 72% of my brain to set the scene of this next piece but, you remember that episode of Roseanne when she does a boudoir shoot for Valentine’s day? That was always how I thought it would go down with a real photographer, in some Sears-portrait-studio type setting only with a rickety day bed as the only prop and enough cheese-cloth filter to make me look like a stripper’s ghost.

But the right photographer, my friends, she can make literal magic happen. And she can make it happen on your butt.

Plus size boudoir shoot by Suma Jane Dark

After this picture, I accused my photog and good friend Suma Jane Dark of hiding an ass double in the closet and drugging me so I wouldn’t remember the ol’ switcheroo. But napes. That is indeed my culo. And as much as I couldn’t wait to show it to my husband, this really wasn’t the motivation behind doing a boudoir shoot. Some people have a hard time wrapping their heads around that one. Why do something like this if not for your sexual partner? I’m happy to break it down for you, then urge you to find a good photog and practice your booty toot. Boudoir is life-giving for these reasons:

Plus size teddy

1. It’s a Bold Move

I’ve never been bungee jumping but I might someday. This is NOT AT ALL because I think it will really be fun or enjoyable. But I might do it because it’s one of those things I can say I had the balls to do and pat myself on the back for it in times I feel meek and scared. I do scary shit often for this very reason. It’s an investment in my empowerment among other things. Boudoir is also kind of like that. However, I’ve never heard of anyone dying from it so, bonus.

Plus size teddy

Plus size boudoir shoot by Suma Jane Dark

2. Wow Moments

Remember my reaction to my own butt? A skilled photographer knows your angles seconds after meeting you and knows how to direct you. It’s not about flattering or concealing. It’s about how the right light can make your skin look flawless and the right pose can release all your sexual magnetism all at once like a goddamn tsunami. Your shoot will allow you to see yourself like never before and bow to your own femme powers of attraction. You bask in that black magik! Bask!

Plus size teddy

3. Lingerie Love

Plus size lingerie

Listen, some of us just really REALLY like lingerie and if it weren’t for the patriarchy, we would wear it to work, at the grocery store, walking the fucking dog, everywhere. I realize, if it weren’t for the patriarchy we wouldn’t HAVE lingerie and the male gaze affects all femmes buuuuut here we are and we can’t even enjoy it? Here, take this oppressive, uncomfortable thing but don’t enjoy it, no stop that!

Fuck all that.

I got a taste of the frilly shit for better or worse and I want to rock it. It’s that simple.

Plus size lingerie

4. Why So Serious?

Plus size lingerie

Without fail, every damn time my husband asks me to make a sexy face, I give him some cartoon-ass shit with a finger in my mouth while making some god-awful ehhhhhh noise. He recently discovered its best to ask me to make the face I make while eating stale Oreos. Being sexy on command is hard and feels stupid! Any good photog knows this and makes the event actually, for realsies fun. It also helps when you have a good friend come with you, just to flash you her boobs in the name of a good candid laugh shot. True story. Thanks again, Laurel. <3

5. Hai Sexuality Hey

Plus size boudoir shoot by Suma Jane Dark

I’m a working mom. I am always thigh-deep in a to-do list. Making time for intimacy with my husband is a must but it doesn’t always guarantee that I will at all feel like a sexual being for that two-hour window during nap time. Getting reacquainted with my own sexuality on my time without my partner is unbelievably refreshing. Boudoir does this, maybe not during the process so much but definitely in the aftermath. Seeing yourself in this light can be an awakening. I still have it going on. My partner is lucky as shit. When is nap time?

All photos by Suma Jane Dark.