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Belle of the Summit

Yellow tulle plus size skirt

In March, I had the pleasure and privilege of attending the We All Glow summit by Latina Bloggers Connect, thanks to an admission ticket giveaway from Saborea Uno Hoy. I never win anything!!! But there I was in beautiful Long Beach, rubbing elbows with some amazing Latina bloggers from all corners of the blogosphere.

Fashion blogger at We All Grow Summit 2016

I met foodies and fashionistas alike while sitting in on lectures and workshops to hone my craft. I even got to party afterward with a couple of crazy chicas who were willing to show this aging mama some local nightlife. It was truly the most fun I have had in a long time and I can’t wait to go back.

I’ve been meaning to share with you some of the bloggers and creatives I met for quite some time. But a lot of life has gotten in the way, as it tends to do. So without further delay, here is a rundown on just a few of my favorite people you should follow right now:


Jen from

Jen is body posi, cute and quirky. I instantly loved her. She talks expertly about fat issues and her style constantly slays in the most accessible way on her blog Skinned Knees. Come for the fatshion, stay for the lifestyle pieces covering everything from DIY to pet care. Here’s us being a couple of goofballs at the #MujerDove suite:

Jen from

Follow Jen: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

BB & Nuves

BB Barrios and Linda Nuves

Remember those crazy kids I told you about? They are the closest I will get to making friends with Abbi and Ilana from Broad City. The two are bonafide social media influencers and you can often find them at a vegan food fest or cumbia show somewhere in Southern California. BB is an Etsy store owner and Nuves kind of does it all between singing at clubs and working at an art gallery. Do yourself a favor and follow both of them on Snapchat. Thanks again for taking me out to karaoke and a ska show, you hooligans.

Follow BB: Instagram | Snapchat: bbbarrioss

Follow Nuves: Instagram | Snapchat: lindanuves


Nicole from Lipstick and Brunch

Please surrender all your hair and makeup needs to Nicole of Lipstick & Brunch. She knows her stuff and her face is literally flawless. I know this because of her many makeup-free snaps. It’s not even fair. Here’s us being way too cute:

Bloggers at We All Grow Summit 2016

Follow Nicole: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Lauren Neuthez

Laura Neuzeth is a bilingual beauty blogger/vlogger (and if you think producing ONE video is hard work, she does it double-time by recording in both English and Spanish). If you haven’t caught her review of the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit, it is EXTREMELY helpful.

Follow Laura: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Vanessa of Smart Little Cookie

I love new and exciting twists on classic foods. So naturally, Vanessa at Smart Little Cookie is my go-to for when my meals start getting a little meh. The last one I tried was the apple pie smoothie and omg. And the next time I’m feeling really ambitious, I’m all over this coconut flan. Literally and figuratively.

Coconut flan

Follow Vanessa: Facebook Twitter Instagram


Eileen from Mommy Teaches

This Supermami from Brooklyn is an educator and mom of two adorable boys. Her blog, Mommy Teaches, takes on everyday issues from keeping your kids safe from allergies to big scary ones like terror threats at public schools. Through it all, she reminds us that being a mom is a multifaceted job but the most rewarding one we’ll ever have.

Follow Eileen: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


BBW Generation

I actually started following Liz a few months before We All Grow and we actually won the Saborea Uno Hoy contest together. So it was kind of a fangirl moment meeting the woman behind the fierce as hell OOTDs on her blog, BBW Generation. Liz has overcome so much in her life and you would have no idea looking at her, with all the grace she carries. Truly an inspirational lady.

Follow Liz: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram



Ready for your morning dose of Instagram jealousy? Ismerai‘s account will fix you right up, between her wayyy-too-cute kids, her slaytastic outfits and gorgeous table-setting skills. We know motherhood can’t always been this glamorous but she does a great job editing out the spills and poops so we can pretend it can.

Follow Ismerai: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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