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Cape fear.


Ever since I saw Marie Southard Ospina fucking WERQ this Monif C cape romper, which was of course totally sold out at the time, I’ve been obsessed. So when I just happened to see that it was back in stock last week, I literally jumped up and down as I clicked through checkout.


Yas, people. Supermom finally has her cape. I was feeling pretty fucking fabulous this day even though it was hotter than balls, even in San Francisco, and a cape was totally ludicrous to wear in the scorching heat. But  I didn’t let it sour my strut. And then like Icarus who flew close to the sun, I just got a little too fierce for safety’s sake.


There goes my “this blog has been accident free for so and so days” sign.


Seriously, how unbelievably sweet is it to wear a cape on a Tuesday? One of my bosses asked me how I dress on Halloween, like if it’s my day off or something. Which I don’t take offense for in the least bit. The voice of Stacy London screams at me sometimes, telling me my favorite outfits look like costumes. But I just scream back at her SHUT IT YOU SNARKY CUNT and then I go about my life. Because one chick’s Halloween is another chick’s Tuesday morning. Some of us are just that weird.


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