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yellow_crop1This outfit couldn’t have come at a more perfect time, what with the whole O Magazine body shaming snafu. And from a man? Seriously, editors? You thought it might be a good idea to let someone tell us what NOT to wear AND that someone should have a dick, too? GIRL BYE.

I have come a long way in forgiving my FUPA. My pooch. My skirt steak. It’s there. You can see it. I can see it. Hopefully we can both kindly take a seat on the No Fucks train. If you can’t come along for the ride, hey, that just means more room for my purse.

BTW, this was a totally inspired outfit. I saw a hair stylist at my salon rock a peplum crop and boyfriend jeans and I was instantly obsessed. It is the closest to 90s retro you can get without having to incorporate a giant, ugly black belt or a velvet choker.

yellow_crop2Besides, who needs a stupid choker when you have a beauty like this! I’m still getting a lot of mileage out of my INPINK necklace.

beatles4I’ve had this t-shirt for years, cut the neck off long ago but it SOMEHOW didn’t occur to me to turn this fucker into a crop top right quick to pull off one of my favorite style combos: rock tee/jeweled necklace/skirt YASSNESS.

beatles1beatles2Twirling is the new twerking. Come correct.


beatles3JUST LOOK AT THEM! Straight outta Tron, homie. Also, I nabbed that necklace from The Vault at Disneyland, fun fact.

purple3Prints have been taking up space in my fashion consciousness as of late. I needed reminding that solids can be just as bold. Yes, it is all about the styling but the cut is a close second.

purple4For one, this is a whole lotta purple. Add to that the midi hem, fluted skirt and bracelet-length sleeves and this Eloquii dress is just a knockout. I passed it up a few times in my shopping, thinking maybe I couldn’t pull off the shape. Full disclosure, I Spanxed it up for the inaugural wearing, but I didn’t even need it. Scuba is miraculous like that.

purple1Greige (that’s gray and beige having a baby) booties, an old Macy’s necklace I have almost gotten rid of many times because it’s a TAD much, and my final sale Juicy Couture wild thing bag give this look a taste of colorblock with an animal print chaser.

bib1A bib necklace can be a tough piece to incorporate into your wardrobe if you love prints and color as much as I do. You really need something neutral to let it shine. Luckily, this relaxed peplum top from H&M was perfect with its high neckline and heather gray. It gave this INPINK bib necklace ideal placement and backdrop, so it did all the talking.

bib2A little sparkle, a touch of color and texture to boot, this necklace is simply gorgeous while paired with this INPINK doublecross midi ring for some added shimmer. An elaborate bib like this does well with solid colors but don’t shy from prints, particularly big and simple ones like windowpanes and stripes. I felt this look was glamorous yet relaxed–“glamaxed,” if you will.

Don’t forget, INPINK is offering my readers 30% off their next order (excluding nail polish). Just use code FIERCE30 at checkout!



As you can tell, I’ve been really into pairing TOMS with skirts. Comfortable, yes. But I do really enjoy a sporty flair. Plus, this pair perfectly matched my INPINK earrings.


Speaking of which, INPINK was kind enough to give me a code to share with my friends and family (or anyone else reading this) for 30% off anything on their site with the exception of nail polish and gift cards. Their collections are absolutely amazing as well. You can get a complete look with a necklace, ring, bracelet, earrings and even a coordinating nail polish from Essie or OPI. Use code FIERCE30 at checkout!


Special props to my coworkers Caitlin and Whitney for this photoshoot. They certainly have an eye for location. As for me, I think all those binging sessions of ANTM have paid off because I am filling that space and smeyesing like a BOSS. cheetah4



My favorite part about this outfit, other than how fucking svelte I felt in it was asking people, “You like my dress?” them saying “Yas.” and me lifting up the shirt to reveal just an inch of belly and saying “Cuz it’s not a dress!”

midi2One, there are few things in life more satisfying than being sneaky (my BFF has heard me say this MANY times while taking her out on top secret beer runs or playing games of Sardines). Two, I guess I just like showing my belly these days? Three, and more importantly, I can’t wait to mix these Eloquii separates into my wardrobe. Graphic, floral, black and white, this skirt and shirt take on some major trends of the season all at once while managing to keep it classy yet sassy. Good god, they’re brilliant.

Back to the outfit, officially another mixed print if you count the tie-dye mock TOMS, which why wouldn’t you? You’re a nice person. You’d throw me a bone. I thought with this much black and white, two color pops in the necklace and shoes was called for. Oh…I forgot about my face. That too. But that’s a given. I’m also wearing my newest favorite piece of jewelry, a Lokai bracelet.


Why is this plastic bracelet so special? It’s what’s inside that counts. I could only make it sound corny so I’ll let the good people at Lokai tell the story. But I love the symbolism. I also love that the first thing my Datahead husband said when I told him about it was, “I bet those balls are filled with pee. Way to throw away 18 bucks.” He’s a gem.

I’ll end with one more shot of me hamming it up.


greenskirt1I am notoriously bad at planning outfits. Unlike my big sister, who like a seasoned serial killer and sociopath has notebooks filled in tiny penmanship of everything she has ever worn, I always end up basically winging it despite my best efforts to actually lay something out the night before. One, ain’t nobody got time for that. Two, I am fucking fickle as shit. I used to have a real itch to avoid wearing the same color twice in a row but I also get in makeup ruts (can’t stop wearing purple eyeshadow for weeks lately) that prevent me from wearing certain colors (in this case–purple). So of course, this outfit was half accident. All I wanted to do was wear this lime laser-cut skirt, the rest just fell into place. And for that reason, I am impressed.


Also, this stacking just makes me smile. Wood, turquoise, copper and gaudy plastic beads. It reminds me of friendship bracelets and the summer fat camp my grandma always threatened to send me to but never did. (I did make that bead bracelet at an OA women’s retreat so I guess I made it to fat camp after all sooooo whatever, Grandma.)

David's Bridal dress

Hubs and I just celebrated our third wedding anniversary in one of our favorite places, Pismo Beach. We always like to go out to one super fancy dinner and this is THE fancy dress in my closet. Not to say it’s the only one, but it is certainly a fan favorite and a great way to achieve a vintage meets modern look.

Would you believe it’s a bridesmaid dress? I mean, I didn’t buy it for a wedding but it is from David’s Bridal. Still though, crazy right? And bonus–I recently had to have it taken in from a size 22 to an 18. Nice to know something that could flatter me 35+ pounds ago can still do it’s job with a little tweaking.

Monogram cuff bracelet

I really played up the 50s vibe of the dress with three-strand pearls (which was my first anniversary gift from hubs) and a floral monogram cuff from Anthropologie. The modern touches are few but bold–a colored smokey eye and pointy-toe flats is my only peak into the present but it really packs a punch!

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Leopard harem pants

Soooo I did it. I bought harem pants. During my last shopping spree at Forever 21, I tried on these leopard harem pants with the lowest of expectations, almost as a gag. And maybe I was really in need of a nap because the comfort level of these pants made me want to curl up on the dressing room floor for just the tiniest of meemies. But soon after that I was jolted back awake by the realization that I actually look fucking fabulous in them. Considering they are essentially unflattering on every body type, the fit just ain’t half bad. Gold jewelryA simple shell top and some delicate gold-tone jewels are ideal backup singers to these diva bottoms. I tried adding a neutral shoe but it was almost too safe, so I went with my go-to red peep toes. Also, you are jealous of my rings. Yes, that is a hedgehog.

hedgehog ringShell top: Forever 21
Squares Necklace: Urban Outfitters (similar)
Zig Zag Midi Ring: Urban Outfitters (similar)

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Mixed Metal Jewelry

Very few jewelry trends can take you from season to season quite like mixed metal jewelry. Throwing together your favorite pieces in gold, silver and copper offers a richness that is perfect for winter and the vibrancy that summer requires.

Personally, I adore burnt copper since it really suits my skin tone. So I am naturally pretty taken with my Forever 21 bib necklace. The last Valentine’s gift I got from my hubs was this gorgeous Vince Camuto watch in hematite with rose gold-tone pyramid stud links. It goes just perfectly with such a statement necklace while making a little splash of its own. Stacked with the watch is a gorgeous burnt copper and gold ball wrap bracelet from INPINK. What is your favorite metal mix?

Vince Camuto Watch