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Protect those corneas, kids. I’m about to light this bitch up. Seriously, I feel like from the top up, I could easily be mistaken for an extra in the movie Hackers. Goddamn I love the 90s. Remember when Clinton played his sax on Arsenio? Good times.

Rue107 neon plus size bikini

But I digress. Here, in 2017, I’m now on family vacay in beautiful Pismo Beach with my monkey, my lil’ bear, my sister and her flock, even my mom, stepdad and grandpa. Feeling myself in the midst of all this domestic chaos was a challenge. But I packed accordingly. And if I bring day-glo on vacay, it means I’m not fucking around. This is MY me time. Damnit.

Rue107 neon plus size bikini

Did I slay you? Here’s a lifesaver. But wait…what’s this? A failed attempt to get my son a floatie for the pool (this one was wayyyyyy too big) resulting in some prop pics? Don’t mind if I do!

Rue107 neon plus size bikini

Sometimes, if you are fabulously vain and materialistic, you just can’t. fucking. even. with yourself. Like the slay is so strong you just gotta take a knee for a sec. Catch your breath. This was one of those times. Like who even is thissssssssss. Tell me.

Rue107 neon plus size bikini

It me. Floating into your IG.

Rue107 neon plus size bikini

This pool shoot was something I never even knew I had on my bucket list. When I went to the Golden Confidence pool party last year, I got some great shots but the duck…I love this duck. And now I am just realizing why I have been wearing all black since getting home from vacation. I clearly blew a color fuse. But now for something a touch more muted…

Plus size cactus print bodysuit

Remember when I hated overalls? People grow, OK. Also, they HAVE gotten cuter. Fight me right now if you think they’ve always been this lit. They have not.

Plus size cactus print bodysuit

My bodysuit obsession is still going strong. But my choker obsession is the new monster taking all my money, four bucks at a time.

Plus size denim overalls

Why even did we used to do this back in the day? I mean…why did YOU because they didn’t make overalls my size back in the day. At least not ones I could find anywhere but the army surplus. Those Ben Davis tents. Gangster.

Plus size denim overalls

Just contemplating my next painting. J/K my only talent is shopping.

Plus size cactus print bodysuit

Back to reality. It’s been real, central coast.

Shopping Linkies:

Neon bikini | Rue 107 (sold out!)
Pink pom pom choker | Forever 21 (Get 2% Cash Back at Ebates! Join here.)
Kat Von D Plan 9 lipstick | Sephora (Get 4% Cash Back at Ebates! Join here.)

Cactus bodysuit | Forever 21 (Get 2% Cash Back at Ebates! Join here.)
Denim overalls | Forever 21 (Get 2% Cash Back at Ebates! Join here.)
Clear lucite choker | Forever 21 (Get 2% Cash Back at Ebates! Join here.)

Boohoo killing it plus size swimsuit

My husband and I are creatures of habit. Every year, we go to Pismo Beach for our anniversary, stay at the same motel, eat the same treats (Old West cinnamon rolls FTW) and leave with too many records and knick knacks from antique stores. It’s a no-frills, stress free vacay and we love it. But really my favorite part is packing my fanciest shit to remind this man why he chose this crazy bitch in the first place.

Boohoo killing it plus size swimsuit

Killin it plus size swimsuit

I’d say the letters across my belly are indeed an accurate account of how well I packed, don’t you? But also, here’s my butt:

Killin it plus size swimsuit

And this was just day one. That night, we did our usual dinner at the homey country western establishment, F. McLintocks. So I also packed my finest shit-kickers.

Southwest print dress and cowgirl boots

Actually, them’s my only shit-kickers. This combo is an oldie and a goodie and that Southwest print dress from Forever 21 has been with me many moons. I also averted a small crisis when I found I forgot my go-to berry red lipstick at home. Before a complete meltdown ensued, I remembered how fucking pigmented my Morphe eyeshadows are and mixed one with just a touch of Burt’s Bees for an instant lipstain that made me feel like a makeup miracle worker.

Red lips

But our final night at my favorite place in San Luis Obispo, The Madonna Inn, was also my favorite outfit. And a big part of that was because it was a new style, from a new brand, and I DID NOT prepare a trial run. As lazy as I say I am, I sure do love a fashion challenge. But I gotta say, I think it was lit.

Orange plus size jumpsuit

Literally. A sunset shoot perfectly captured this gorgeous GCGme jumpsuit in burnt orange. Paired with my blue boots and a major necklace, I think I managed to edge it up to my liking. That alone was my biggest challenge.

Orange plus size jumpsuit

The second biggest was getting hubs to stop freaking out about us being late for our resie and just take one more damn picture please thanks.

Plus size orange jumpsuit

Worth it. This piece continued to kill long after the sun went down.

Orange plus size jumpsuit

And that lipstick got compliments all damn night, which is pretty amazing considering where I was staying. The central coast is NOT the bay. People can be very conservative. But clearly some of them are wonderful freaks like moi.

Shopping Linkies:

Killin’ It Swimsuit |

‘So Wavvy’ Ultra Satin Lip | ColourPop

Teresa Batwing Cocktail Jumpsuit | GCGme

‘Denim’ Perlees Matte Metallic Lipstick | Lime Crime

**This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. Please support the links that support this blog!


Monif C havana swimsuit in gold

Sami Drasin Photography

You would think that from being a plus size blogger, getting to know other plus size bloggers and designers, and making friends with wonderful fat femmes in the bopo movement, I wouldn’t continue to be so moved by seeing people be unapologetically fat in public as it starts to become a more normal thing.

NOPE. That shit is still magic. And it’s going to be magic for a long time because we still have so much work to do. Because every woman there had to work just a little harder to find a swim suit or bikini than their straight-size sisters. Because every woman there likely struggled with showing their bodies for YEARS and continues to have to be fearless in order to do so because you never know when a fat-shaming troll is going to crash the party. But luckily last weekend at the Golden Confidence pool party in LA, none did.

Priscilla Ono at the Golden Confidence Pool Party

Celebrity makeup artist Priscilla Ono

Sure, it was amazing to rub elbows with celebs like our host Essie Golden, Tess Holiday and her lovely partner Nick, and the flawless Priscilla Ono. And it was awesome to do so in a slammin gold swim suit. AND the feature in Cosmo was pretty great, too (OMG FUCKING COSMO). But honestly, the best part was witnessing the utter joy and liberation of blindingly fabulous women of many colors and shapes. To see the unrepresented represent. Because, honey, we brought it.

Golden Confidence pool party Los Angeles

I mean, LOOK AT THESE GODDESSES. They made me feel like Prince. It helps that I’m short and sparkly but still. To be surrounded by this kind of beauty and, yes, confidence, was the real gift. Only because we have all been told that we are not worthy of confidence at some point in our lives. Not. Today. Bitch.

BTW, I’m officially addicted to this suit. I got another one…

Monif C white havana swim suit

Monif C white havana swim suit

Monif C white havana swim suit

Monif C white havana swim suit

Monif C white havana swim suit

That makes three cut-out suits (or three opportunities for weird-ass tan lines). But this one takes the cake because I feel like Milla Jovovich in Fifth Element.

Monif C white havana swim suit


Outfit Deets:

Gold Havana swim suit | Monif C (sold out)

Gold jeweled head piece | La Ponce Boutique

White Havana swim suit | Monif C

Yellow tulle plus size skirt

In March, I had the pleasure and privilege of attending the We All Glow summit by Latina Bloggers Connect, thanks to an admission ticket giveaway from Saborea Uno Hoy. I never win anything!!! But there I was in beautiful Long Beach, rubbing elbows with some amazing Latina bloggers from all corners of the blogosphere.

Fashion blogger at We All Grow Summit 2016

I met foodies and fashionistas alike while sitting in on lectures and workshops to hone my craft. I even got to party afterward with a couple of crazy chicas who were willing to show this aging mama some local nightlife. It was truly the most fun I have had in a long time and I can’t wait to go back.

I’ve been meaning to share with you some of the bloggers and creatives I met for quite some time. But a lot of life has gotten in the way, as it tends to do. So without further delay, here is a rundown on just a few of my favorite people you should follow right now:


Jen from

Jen is body posi, cute and quirky. I instantly loved her. She talks expertly about fat issues and her style constantly slays in the most accessible way on her blog Skinned Knees. Come for the fatshion, stay for the lifestyle pieces covering everything from DIY to pet care. Here’s us being a couple of goofballs at the #MujerDove suite:

Jen from

Follow Jen: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

BB & Nuves

BB Barrios and Linda Nuves

Remember those crazy kids I told you about? They are the closest I will get to making friends with Abbi and Ilana from Broad City. The two are bonafide social media influencers and you can often find them at a vegan food fest or cumbia show somewhere in Southern California. BB is an Etsy store owner and Nuves kind of does it all between singing at clubs and working at an art gallery. Do yourself a favor and follow both of them on Snapchat. Thanks again for taking me out to karaoke and a ska show, you hooligans.

Follow BB: Instagram | Snapchat: bbbarrioss

Follow Nuves: Instagram | Snapchat: lindanuves


Nicole from Lipstick and Brunch

Please surrender all your hair and makeup needs to Nicole of Lipstick & Brunch. She knows her stuff and her face is literally flawless. I know this because of her many makeup-free snaps. It’s not even fair. Here’s us being way too cute:

Bloggers at We All Grow Summit 2016

Follow Nicole: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Lauren Neuthez

Laura Neuzeth is a bilingual beauty blogger/vlogger (and if you think producing ONE video is hard work, she does it double-time by recording in both English and Spanish). If you haven’t caught her review of the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit, it is EXTREMELY helpful.

Follow Laura: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Vanessa of Smart Little Cookie

I love new and exciting twists on classic foods. So naturally, Vanessa at Smart Little Cookie is my go-to for when my meals start getting a little meh. The last one I tried was the apple pie smoothie and omg. And the next time I’m feeling really ambitious, I’m all over this coconut flan. Literally and figuratively.

Coconut flan

Follow Vanessa: Facebook Twitter Instagram


Eileen from Mommy Teaches

This Supermami from Brooklyn is an educator and mom of two adorable boys. Her blog, Mommy Teaches, takes on everyday issues from keeping your kids safe from allergies to big scary ones like terror threats at public schools. Through it all, she reminds us that being a mom is a multifaceted job but the most rewarding one we’ll ever have.

Follow Eileen: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


BBW Generation

I actually started following Liz a few months before We All Grow and we actually won the Saborea Uno Hoy contest together. So it was kind of a fangirl moment meeting the woman behind the fierce as hell OOTDs on her blog, BBW Generation. Liz has overcome so much in her life and you would have no idea looking at her, with all the grace she carries. Truly an inspirational lady.

Follow Liz: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram



Ready for your morning dose of Instagram jealousy? Ismerai‘s account will fix you right up, between her wayyy-too-cute kids, her slaytastic outfits and gorgeous table-setting skills. We know motherhood can’t always been this glamorous but she does a great job editing out the spills and poops so we can pretend it can.

Follow Ismerai: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Gabi Fresh tribal print bikini

A Maui vacay is something I am sure everyone with kids could use, especially if it’s without your kids, which in our case it was. Before you go wanting to hit me or anything, I will make you feel a little better by telling you I threw out my back at the beginning of the third day.

I have VERY sensitive sciatica for which I go to physical therapy. I also deal with chronic pain in my shoulders which is apparently just a side effect of 30+ years of bad posture. Dealing with both of these issues (oh yeah and throw in chronic tendinitis of my left hand just for shits, which is awesome when you use a keyboard for a living) is one of the biggest reasons I really needed a getaway. But some things you just can’t get away from.

So I brought all these outfits of course because I was going to milk the shit out of this trip and that wouldn’t be complete without taking some OOTDs with a gorgeous ocean beside me. However, the above pic was the only one I got to take before a rogue wave tossed me around a little too vehemently and made my back spazz the fuck out.

Monif C. Havana bandage cut-out swimsuit

After 24 hours of rest, I saw a chiropractor who prescribed me pool time and mai tais. I readied myself to limp out of my room but I figured if I could stand, I could slay. And slay I did. I also caught some very weird tan lines.

Forever 21 plus size silver halter bikini

This was now the fifth day and shit was still not great. I was sore and kind of afraid to move but yeah ok let me climb up to this little rock wall with absolutely nothing to grab onto should I stumble so hubs can snap me in the fucking silver bikini. It’s silver! Some metallics are worth getting seriously injured for. The world of plus size swimwear needs to stop vastly improving because I now have more suits and bikinis than actual days of summer.

I still managed to have a phenomenal time on Maui. Caught a luau, got a massage, hiked in the rain, sailed into the sunset while drinking champagne, ate pie at Leoda’s AND proved to myself that I’m fuckin unstoppable. What’s to complain about?

Outfit Deets:

GabiFreshTribal Print Bikini | swimsuitsforall

Havana Bandage Swimsuit | Monif C

Silver Bikini | Forever 21 (top & bottom)

Re/Dress cobalt teggings cage bra

Photo Credit: Jessica Shirley-Donnelly

A post totally fangirling over meeting some BADASS indie plus size designers, store owners and general HBICs has been long overdue. It has been weeks since my 12-hour trip to Vegas just to visit a pop-up shop at The Velveteen Rabbit to meet Clair of Copper Union, Jen of The Plus Bus, Alysse of Ready to Stare, Rachel of Re/Dress and Jessica of Proud Mary. SO WORTH IT. It was truly inspiring to meet women who get to make body positivity such an integral part of their calling. And wouldn’t you know, I came back with some major loot.

Ready To Stare money mini skater skirt

Photo Credit: Jessica Shirley-Donnelly

This cage bra from Re/Dress had actually been on my Amazon wishlist for months and I regret not getting it sooner. Now I can finally channel my inner Ilana Glazer any time I want.

Money skirt and blue cage bra

Photo Credit: Jessica Shirley-Donnelly

Those shades, which EVERYONE (bros and femmes alike) compliment me on, are from Copper Union. If I had more in my budget, I would have cleaned Claire out. The wind is still crying “gold shrug” in my mind. I also would have snatched up a white mesh jacket from Proud Mary that still makes me misty eyed every time I think of leaving it behind in Vegas. I know someday, it’ll be a star in somebody else’s sky. But why, why, whyyyy can’t it be, can’t it be mine?

*lighter in the air*

Re/Dress teggings bra and Ready to Stare money skirt

Photo Credit: Jessica Shirley-Donnelly

And the pièce de résistance would be this thug life money skirt from Ready to Stare. This is also the first time I have purchased from Alysse, even though I’ve been following her for months. Her styles are fun, edgy, and NEEDED in the plus size community.

Re/Dress teggings bra and Ready to Stare money skirt

Photo Credit: Jessica Shirley-Donnelly

How ready for Coachella am I right now? And yeah, that’s yellow lipstick. Vegan yellow lipstick. And my gold boots? Amazon. $16! My boss bought a pair for Burning Man, then I had to buy a pair, then Nicole from Lipstick and Brunch had to buy a pair when she saw them. They are like a fabulous virus. And this look is like a perfect storm of yass.

And let’s just end this with a GIF, shall we?

Money skirt plus size fashion GIF

 Outfit Deets:

Sunnies | Copper Union

Teggings Bra | Re/Dress

Money Skirt | Ready to Stare

Between the Lines Lipstick | Limnit Lipsticks

Gold Boots (Currently only in black and silver) | Amazon






Fat Fancy Portland Oregon

It’s been a while and I’ve been taking this show on the road. Now, I’ve been to Portland once before. And I’ve even been to the wonderful fashion den that is Fat Fancy. In fact, when I first discovered it on Yelp, my first thought was how long has the wind been crying Briana in Portland? My first visit was unfortunately brief. I was with my non plus size sister at the time and felt like I needed to hurry things along so she wouldn’t get bored. But this time around was a pleasant surprise…

Fat Fancy Portland Oregon

No, not me trying to hump the store. An “ally rack!” My under-size-12 gal pals actually had something to do while I tried on items in size “Hot” (that was their cute little sizing system, words like hot, cute, plush assigned to different ranges. VERY cool). I restrained myself and walked out with two things:

Fat Fancy Poncho


Fat Fancy Poncho

Oh my god, my Mexi side was screaming ay ya ya ya yai. TWELVE. BUCKS. I shit you not.

And then there’s this gem:

Fat Fancy Shirt

This shirt IS me. And how could I not pair a fancy shirt with an equally fancy tulle skirt from Charlotte Russe? This beauty was less than $30, with 4% Cash Back at Ebates.

Fat Fancy Shirt

Fat Fancy Shirt

Portland, I already miss you. You can keep your brunch lines (Portlandia was NOT joking about that) but the rest of you, I LURVE. Until next time, you bridged bitch.