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It has indeed been a while since I have done a remix look where I re-style pieces previously featured on the blog. This one, however, is way more of a refresh than simply throwing on a new necklace or shoes. Remember this little number?

Eloquii laser cut hem dressMeeeee too. I fucking love this dress. And of course, this picture was literally the last time I wore it because how often can you really wear a piece like this? As I was cleaning out my closet for maybe the second time this month, I briefly considered selling it but the thought physically hurt. The shape is so unique and special, if only there was a way I could get more mileage out of it.

Then my scissors started screaming I’LL HANDLE THIS.

Turning a dress into separates

Let’s get one thing straight, I am not great at sewing. I have a machine, I kinda know how to use it, I usually end up crudely hand-sewing because I am lazy and actual tailoring involves way too much ironing, they don’t tell you that part until you’ve already paid for sewing classes. Luckily, heavy scuba material like what this dress it made out of, does not fray! All I had to do was cut through a plastic zipper in the back and epoxy the zip end in place. Then I hemmed the top of the skirt.

Also, before we move on OMG THESE SHOES.

ASOS gold slingback flats

Mark watched me open them and he told me he hadn’t seen me this riled up since the season finale of Westworld.

Moving on, I also had to sew this sweet Pearl Jam patch onto the top because history. And regret.


This is me at…23? Wearing my favorite dress in the world that I butchered and puff-painted after buying it at a French Connection in London because it was literally the only thing I could find that fit. It had a beaded collar that was falling apart. I managed to keep the collar but NOT the Pearl Jam patch that came off of what would become a very rare shirt I would end up paying $50 for 10 years later just to relive this favorite dress memory.

Anyway, hot pink/orange-red color combo checked off my bucket list!

Turning a dress into separates

As for the skirt, I think I will find plenty of uses for it.


Outfit Deets:

Blue leather skirt | The Plus Bus
Gold slingback flats | ASOS (Get 2.5% Cash Back at Ebates! Join here.)
Purple lace-up flats | Ebay

Wide Leg Cropped Pant

Pants and I have a complicated history. They were a friend in high school when I was wearing men’s clothing. They were quickly forgotten when people started making jeans that actually fit larger bodies well in college. And since then, they are still not something I swoon for since they often require a lot of tailoring and ain’t nobody got time for that. But these Eloquii wonderfully wide leg crops with their dramatic side pleats and brick red deliciousness, I put these fuckers on and went about my life. They are that perfect.

Wide Leg Cropped Pant

I also killed two other birds with this outfit. I remixed my amazing ModCloth nude boots and my H&M Frankensteined cat crop top AND I managed to actually use a Christmas gift from my mom, which is that lovely coin cascade necklace. It was the perfect cherry on top of my totally boss, retro look. Thanks Mama!


I had a split-second bad idea of calling this post “Power Whites” but um no. Anyway, an all-white outfit is not something I have been itching to try. What I did have a powerful yen for was wearing this Colourpop Ultra Matte in Zipper and finding a way for it to be the focal point of a look. So really, this was the easiest way to go.


Also, I really want to make a point of doing “remixes” where you see new looks made from pieces I’ve already featured because *SPOILER ALERT* I wear things more than once like most women even though my wardrobe is turning into an evil, growing blob that eats my money and closet space. So we’ll take the skirt from this post (which is totally on sale for less than $20 right now!), the necklace from this one, the flats from this one, the graphic tee from this one, add a plain white button-down and POOF. An outfit fit for a christening if I didn’t make holy water boil.