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There’s nothing I love more than finding ways to get more bang for my buck when it comes to clothes. I always hesitate buying dresses these days, particularly ones that are more revealing. Don’t get me wrong, I love showing a little skin. But I know it’s not an everyday occurrence and I hate when those pieces start to collect dust, waiting for my next “mom’s night off” shenanigans.

Plus size denim dress

Rather than cut this gorgeous Premme dress into separates, I decided to add a little print with this fitted leopard tank! It turns the cutouts into panels and adds a little coverage to the neckline as well.

Premme denim dress

Qupid recently reached out to me to try out their shoes (which I have before and have never been disappointed). However, these silver sneakers seriously upped the ante. I was hesitant to buy pointed-toe sneakers but man, they are still insanely comfy.

Silver pointed toe sneakers

Now let’s move onto an even more bodycon number.

Plus size velvet dress

My clubbing days are few and far between so this gorgeous piece would be wasted on me if I hadn’t come up with this stylish solution.

Plus size velvet dress

A simple graphic tee under the dress provides ample coverage while a flat boot (also from Qupid) creates a killer color combo and easily takes it into daytime.

Plus size velvet dress

Here’s a better look at the kicks:

Burgundy booties

These, like the sneakers, are also super comfy with some stretch at the sides for my peeps rocking some thickness at the ankles.

Shopping Linkies:

Denim dress | Premme
Leopard tank | Ebay
Silver sneakers | Qupid
Velvet dress | Fashion Nova (Use discount code MAMAFIERCE at checkout!)
Burgundy booties | Qupid

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With the party season just around the corner, now is the time to get out there and start shopping for occassionwear. If you are looking for bold and beautiful party dresses, you will be pleased to know that there are plenty to choose from.

Bright and shiny

Perhaps the biggest trend of the fall is the shimmery dress. On the catwalks of New York, Paris, London and Milan they were everywhere. There is no doubt that this trend is going to cross over into the mainstream. Expect to see shimmery silver and gold lamé dresses, and other items, appearing in a mall near you.

Shiny shoes and boots to match

The good news is that picking up shoes to match is also going to be easy because shiny gold and silver footwear is also a big trend for 2017.

If that style of shoes is not bright enough for you, treat yourself to a pair of disco ball boots. They look great almost regardless of what you wear them with. Just be aware that they do tend to shed their sequins easily, so you may want to limit when and where you wear them to keep them in reasonable condition.

Embellished dresses

It is good to see the embellished dress trend of last year continuing into this season. They are very striking and because they are normally made from good quality material and are a little heavier they tend to hang really well. Even after a full evening of dancing they usually still look perfect.

Long and fancy

There really is nothing quite as glamorous as a full-length party dress or prom style gown. There are quite a few styles available, so all you need to do is to try a few on and see which one takes your fancy.
It is also still possible to pick up beaded and embroidered maxi dresses, which are quite glamorous and sexy. Those that feature fuller skirts and softer materials are usually the best option for the curvier woman.

A high neck lace dress

If it is a sophisticated look you are after, a high neck lace shift dress is the way to go. Naturally, they are not for everyone, but if you have the confidence to wear one you will certainly turn heads. If you like the sound of that style of dress, it is worth taking the time to read this. This article explains how to choose the best plus size shift dress for your body shape.

Fun and short skater dresses

If you are looking for something less formal think about buying a skater dress instead. Just be sure to take a long coat to wear over the top if you are likely to have to walk a long way to the party venue. Once you are inside and get out on the dance floor you will be warm enough, but you really do not want to arrive at your party venue with your teeth chattering.

One thing I am living for is all the solutions we are seeing addressing chub rub (inner thigh chafing) in this godforsaken summer heat. My life is immeasurably better for them. Thank you, Universe. However, a summer problem that still gets my goat is shorts riding up, up, and away into my coocoo. No bueno.

how to keep shorts from riding up

I told my husband, in classic infomercial dramatization fashion, there has got to be something out there for this. It’s gotta be like a liner or a little piece of boning that keeps the inner seams straight and prevents them from rumpling. And wouldn’t you know, after a bit of googling, I found just that.

how to keep shorts from riding up

NoRiders come in various lengths in either sew-in or self-adhesive versions. For my trial, I went with the self-adhesive, which is a little misleading because they are iron-on, not stick-on.

The “stays” run under the seam allowance and the patches iron over them. Honestly, the patches don’t stay on for long but the stays stick! Watch me walk in these shorts after a quick install:

Note, these stays are best used with shorts, like these from rue21, that have a “true” crotch, meaning the crotch touches your crotch. I just said crotch too many times. This is because the shorts will stop riding the second the stays reach your panooch.

how to keep shorts from riding up

Also, can we talk about the best $8 shirt in the whole damn world? It leaves me satisfied and smiling. That’s what she said.

Here’s why I love plus size maxi dresses–they are easy, they are easy, and they are EASY. Everyone always has something to say when you where one and you get to giggle in secret while you think about throwing it over your head and running the fuck out the door.

But more than that, they are versatile when done right. They have the flow to keep you cool in the summer and the coverage to protect you from fall chills, with plenty of ways to layer and style them into new looks. Here are a few gems I picked out with simple yet stylish cuts in colors that can easily take you into the colder months.

Summer Floral Maxi

Summer Floral Maxi - Ivory

How perfect would this look with a denim or leather jacket? Or even my new obsession–denim bombers?

Printed Full Sleeve Maxi Dress

Printed Full Sleeve Maxi Dress

This one I love because the floral isn’t too vibrant and more muted for fall. Plus, it will look amazing with a sleeveless trench.

Isla Floral Print Maxi Dress

Plus Isla Floral Print Maxi Dress

This red poppy color is a great shade for fall. I’d love to see it edged up with a black biker jacket.

Helen Floral Off The Shoulder Maxi Dress

Plus Helen Floral Off The Shoulder Maxi Dress

Even your off-shoulder dresses can be layered for dropping temps. This dark floral would pair perfectly under a chunky, cropped sweater.

Frankie Stripe Tie Front Maxi Dress

"Plus Frankie Stripe Tie Front Maxi Dress "

A simple cardigan is all you need for this pinstriped perfection.

Orla Striped Column Maxi Dress

Plus Orla Striped Column Maxi Dress

What can I say? I’m kinda living for stripes. They are very transitional, after all. Fall calls for more geometric prints and flirty summer stripes definitely qualify. This piece would look fantastic with a bomber to keep the look sporty-chic.

ZANZEA Polka Dot Maxi Dress

ZANZEA Women Polka Dot Strapless Boho Spaghetti Long Maxi Beach Party Dress

Pockets alert! This is another great piece for a denim jacket and booties.

Verdusa Color Block Maxi Dress

Verdusa Women's Summer Color Block Half Sleeve Split Casual Loose Shift Maxi Dress

How amazing is this color combo? But how about that slouchy cut, tho? Love.

Junarose Plus Size Tie Dye Maxi Dress

"Junarose Women's Plus Size Sleeveless Tie Dye Maxi Dress "

Fact: the only acceptable tie-dye shade is black and white. Fight me.

Annabelle Racerback Maxi Dress

Annabelle Women's Casual Racerback Tank Top Sleeveless Long Maxi Dresses

Blush is a color that transcends seasons. Get you some blush.

Boho Me Maxi Dress

Boho Me Maxi Dress

I do love the dark lavender of this dress but it comes in even more colors!

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When I think of chafing, I can’t help but think of my first time at Coachella. All of the pictures I had seen of woman at Coachella before my arrival was, as far as I am convinced, an elaborate ruse to get me to buy expensive maxi dresses and bring nothing else to wear for the entire weekend. My thighs hated me for it, even though a good buddy had some life-giving Monkey Butt to lend me. But still, the damage to my party animal spirit was done. This is what thigh chafing and chub rub does, people. It’s no joke.

So when I was approached by Thigh Society to test out a mid- or high-waisted short, I jumped on it. Learning how to prevent chafing now was perfect timing for all those dressy holiday parties coming up. Those tend to get stuffy and hot real quick. I opted for a high-waisted pair since I also wanted to see how they would serve as shapewear.

Thigh Society high waisted anti chafing shorts

I’ll tell a stranger on the street I hate Spanx. They are torture and, spoiler alert, I still look fat in them like I look fat in everything. For that kind of discomfort, they better turn me instantly into Ashley Graham. They don’t, so bye. What I DO like about some shapewear is the fupa jiggle control, which is why I rock the spandex granny panties or just a plain bikini bottom most of the time. Thigh Society’s Ultra High Rise Anti-chafing Slip Short will not serve that purpose unless you size down. However, when you buy true to size, they literally feel like you are wearing nothing at all.

Nothing at all.


Ned Flanders The Simpson's nothing at all stupid sexy flanders GIF

I had to. Anyway. Breathable, stretchable. They really were amazingly comfortable and, probably because they weren’t overly tight, they stayed in place!

Thigh Society high waisted anti chafing shorts

True story, I finished a tattoo on my thigh the day after receiving them so I used them to keep my slippery bandaging in place. It worked like a charm.

Thigh Society high waisted anti chafing shorts

But will they keep your thighs from chafing? I spent pretty much all day in this outfit. Running errands, lightly cleaning my house, etc. They really didn’t move. And they were so comfortable, I ended up sleeping in them.

Nine West scuba skater dress

I think it’s safe to say they work and I will be getting a pair in nude for my other dresses. At $34 bucks a pop, I’d say it’s more than worth it.

Shopping Linkies:

Nine West scuba skater dress | Ebay (I’m selling it! Worn only twice.)

Ultra High Rise Anti-chafing Slip Short | Thigh Society

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Finding new challenges to up my body positive game is starting to get a little difficult. I killed crop topping, nailed fuzzy pits, and totes conquered my VBO fears. Every new challenge has left me feeling freer with more adopted options on how to show my body. The only problem now is that it feels like I’m running out of flaming hoops through which to jump.

And then keyholes came back.

Rebdolls leopard maxi dress

Photo credit: Jessica Shirley-Donnelly

That is one thing I appreciate about fashion. Some trends do force me out of my comfort zone. Low-ass keyholes made it impossible to find a bra that wouldn’t show, which led me to discover the futility of stick-on bras for D cups attached to fat women holy crap they are horribly useless.

Rebdolls leopard maxi dress

Photo credit: Jessica Shirley-Donnelly

Epiphanies happen when I see myself struggling to look a certain way. Sometimes when I question why, I find there is no good reason. However, this time there was SOME substance behind the struggle. After figuring out that I wouldn’t hate showing the natural shape of my breasts (god forbid) or even the protrusion of my nipples (gasp), one very real concern remained.

“Hi. I’m boob sweat. We’ve met.”

Rebdolls leopard maxi dress

Photo credit: Jessica Shirley-Donnelly

Luckily, I have also met Rachel at Re/Dress who introduced me to the miracle that is the Teggings cage bra. Before this shoot, I would basically use them as crop tops or as added visual interest to a top or dress, always with a bra underneath since they are not at all supportive. But by themselves, they are comfy and moisture-wicking AF.

Rebdolls leopard maxi dress

Photo credit: Jessica Shirley-Donnelly

Rebdolls leopard maxi dress

Photo credit: Jessica Shirley-Donnelly

I really liked how the cage bra peaked out of the dress in this look and the little pop of color it added. But before you go all “hey you said braless and that’s a bra meow meow meow” on me, let’s move onto the next couple of looks.

Forever 21 plus size bodysuit

Photo credit: Jessica Shirley-Donnelly

There. I am completely without a bra here, clearly because I am smiling. God, bras suck. Anyway, you can also see it is quite sunny and warm and my boobs are not crying salty tears. How did I achieve this?

Step One: Rip off three squares of TP.

Step Two: Fold them over twice.

Step Three: Stuff them under one boob.

Step Four: Repeat.

Step Five: Go about your damn life.

Step Six: Chuckle heartily when they plop onto the floor after taking your shirt off for bed and completely forgetting they existed. 

Forever 21 plus size bodysuit

Photo credit: Jessica Shirley-Donnelly

Forever 21 plus size bodysuit

Photo credit: Jessica Shirley-Donnelly

This is actually my favorite solution. I did a bit of research on how to go braless while avoiding excess sweat and the advice seemed pretty wack. Someone swore by argon oil (yeah no, at least sweat doesn’t actually stain my clothes) while others recommended spray antiperspirant. I don’t even wear that shit on my armpits because of how much it ruined my tops let alone would I trust it to not wreak havoc on the sensitive skin under my breasts. Hands down, toilet paper never fails. It stays in place, it does the job, and its cheap!

Forever 21 plus size keyhole bodysuit

Photo credit: Jessica Shirley-Donnelly

Hello nipples! I really did think the world would stop spinning if people could see my nips. And by people, I mean terrible, leering, gross men. But I quickly learned that if my ample rack in a bra doesn’t get me harassed constantly (which it doesn’t, only occasionally, which is far too often because men suck ANYHOO), neither will my nipples. It’s just not as far as a leap and I thought it would be.

Forever 21 plus size keyhole bodysuit

Photo credit: Jessica Shirley-Donnelly

Forever 21 plus size keyhole bodysuit

Photo credit: Jessica Shirley-Donnelly

I mean, I still remember the episode of Oprah where she caught her own nipples poking out from underneath her turtleneck and had an absolute shit fit, like it was the most embarrassing thing in the universe. The next week, she was talking about pasties like they paid her Weight Watchers money. It is but one parable in my personal bible of body shame. Little by little, I’m ripping that fucker up. Join me?

Forever 21 plus size keyhole bodysuit

Photo credit: Jessica Shirley-Donnelly

Shopping Linkies:

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Floral Bodysuit | Forever 21

Ribbed Bodysuit | Forever 21

Gold Pointed Heels | ASOS

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