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Colorblock Comeback

Mesh peekaboo top

Don’t call it a comeback. Call it trying to overcome some major fashion blogger obstacles. One, I am running out of clothes that fit since I’ve lost weight, which is great but UGH. It’s a transition and like all others, it partly just sucks. Two, my hair is doing some fucking weird and crazy things. When you lose 25% of your locks after you give birth, it does grow back. It just means you have an insane undercoat of thick, short hair that makes your whole coif prone to cowlicks and terrible for any style other than a bun. Three, as a stay-at-home mom, ruts happen and I fell knee deep into a big one. I am NOT a self-starter and if someone isn’t expecting me to blog, damn it I might just not do it.

Luckily, Kristin from One Little Mango got a hold of me and asked that I pick out a pair of earrings from her Etsy store and feature them on Mamafierce! I just had to go with these royal purple tassels because it was a dead-on match with my new mesh peekaboo top. That lush purple against a flashy orange red is one dynamic color combo and some mustard accents in the shoes and bracelet give it an everyday appeal. I wore this on a recent date night but it can easily be taken to the office with a neutral jacket or cardigan. Plus, I think the tassel earrings are a perfect work accessory–not too flashy with a cute vintage vibe.

Tassel earrings

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