Mamafierce | Evening constitutional.
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Evening constitutional.

yellow5As much as daylight savings has kicked my ass in the “getting up on time even though it’s dark as shit” department, I am supremely thankful to have evening walks back on the menu. While getting ready to go out on this one, I noticed Vince was wearing the shirt my friend Lizzie gave him and I was wearing a necklace I just scored – both are from this awesome little shop on Piedmont that I am now obsessed with. If you’re in Oakland, get your ass to Resurrect for some vintage and handmade prettiness. yellow6

I also just bought this shirt from H&M after noodling about it for weeks because God knows I really need another piece of clothing in mustard but 1.) It’s a box top and I don’t have many of those, 2.) I may have a lot of mustard but I don’t have a mustard t-shirt OR sweater and this is BOTH, AND 3.) DAT TEXTURE THO. Plus, it was 13 bucks. Note, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the inner monologue of a compulsive person who happens to like clothes. I watch the show Hoarders all the time and I see these crazies go to Target to clean out the clearance junk while they tell the camera that they have many of these things but NOT THIS EXACT ONE THIS ONE IS RED and I’m like you’re fucking crazy oh god I’M fucking crazy I’m gonna go throw some stuff away and wipe down all my kitchen counters now.


That’s an allover hot pink cat print my boy is rocking. He is pee peeing on ALL of your gender norms. But is he doing it standing up or sitting down? (Actually, he’s doing it in his pants.)


His modeling career is just starting so pardon his windblown expression. Also, where’s my other leg???yellow2

And this is what happens every time we pass a jogger on the street. “I run now.” But do you even lift, bro?

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