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The Opening Ceremony glitter Vans are the stuff of my gaudiest dreams.
glitter vans
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Opening Ceremony blue glitter Vans

Glutton for Glitter

If you follow my personal Facebook page, you got an eye- and ear-full of the spastic joy I experienced getting these goddamn shoes in the mail. First, I know I am late but I had no idea alllllll the sick Vans were on Opening Ceremony. Like I’m a little upset no one told me and that I just assumed the best Vans were on LIKE AN IDIOT.
Opening Ceremony blue glitter Vans

You also caught a glimpse into my thought process around constructing outfits. Indeed, there is a method to the madness. And my madness screamed EXTRAPOLATE ON THE GLITTER BETCH. So I went with this silver glitter dress that I cut into a crop. Then my madness screamed USE LEOPARD AS A NEUTRAL BETCH. She is rude but she’s not wrong.

Forever 21 Plus cheetah stripe pencil skirt

I already knew I was going to go with a bold blue lip to tie in the shoes but then, oh that madness and her banshee voice—YOU HAVE A MATCHING NECKLACE BETCH OMG. I actually totes forgot. It’s been quite a while since I have featured it.

Blue glitter necklace

Finally, she was silenced. By sparkle.

Opening Ceremony blue glitter Vans

An amazing friend I met at last year’s We All Glow summit was in town to play a show with San Cha (who is liiiiiife). I was already in this outfit but thennnnnn…ok so I’m diving deep into suspenders. Mostly because I’m Single White (or Married Brown?) Female-ing Virgie Tovar. These babies came in the mail just before I was heading to the show.

Tape measure suspenders

That’s right I’M TAKING BACK MEASURING TAPE. I will no longer be oppressed by the emotional weight of inches around my waist. I will take that shit as seriously as superfluous clothing. Stay tuned for more outfits with theeeeeeeeese. I love them.

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