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Check out my plus size Amazon finds and buy me one, maybe.
plus size amazon finds
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Plus size Amazon finds

Help Me, I’m Poor: My Plus Size Amazon Finds

I was recently very effectively target marketed by Amazon with a Facebook ad for an amazing shirt dress. I was aware that Amazon did have plus size retailers but I never really looked into it because 1.) digging sucks and I avoid it as much as possible and 2.) I assumed most things would be fugly. Honestly, I was right about that one. Most plus size clothes I found were pretty bad. But I was still able go find a few gems and thought I would round them up for you all who are restocking for spring. Here are eight plus size Amazon finds you might love or just want to buy for me because I’m broke. No? K.

Carolbar 3D Suspender Shirt Dress

Carolbar Women's Plus Size 3D Suspender Skirt Printed T Shirt Dress

OK like right? Like I need this. Ever since I saw Kill Bill and Elle Driver’s amazing illustrated-style coat (you ‘member, don’t lie), I have been in love with this style but rarely encounter it.

Doublju Sleeveless Peplum Top

Doublju Sleeveless Solid & Printed Peplum Top

I really do need more peplums in my life. Not super crazy about strappy tops but also a nut for dark florals so it evens out. Would love to pair this fucker with some ripped white jeans. Grunge brunch in Portland, anyone?

Lalagen Romper Maxi Dress

Lalagen Women's Floral 3/4 Sleeve Deep V Neck Plus Size Romper Maxi Dress

Now this is a silhouette I have been eyeing for some time. I also love big ass florals like this that are almost abstract.

Strappy Cami Swing Top

Womens Printed Plus Size Strappy Cami Swing Vest Top

The crushing realization that I got rid of alllll my camis ughhhh. I know I never wore them because it was rarely hot enough but I could have saved at least one! Come on!

Pyramid Polka Dot Ruffle Dress

Pyramid Women's Polka Dot Ruffle Off shoulder Long Sleeves Plus Size Dress

Now that I don’t give a fuck about showing VBO, I’m still into bodycons even though I know they are tired AF. However, I also love a ruffle and a polka dot so I do need this.

Meaneor Swing Leopard Dress

Meaneor Women Plus Size 3/4 Sleeve Scoop Neck Loose Swing Leopard Dress

I do have a leopard dress. However, it is a maxi with a keyhole and not the best for casual settings. I mean head-to-toe leopard isn’t something most people would call casual in any cut but you know me. No fucks.

Doublju Flounce Mini Dress

Doublju Flounce Off-the-shoulder Bodycon Mini Dress

I have a top JUST LIKE THIS. See this is how they get me. I need a top, bodysuit, pant, ┬áskirt, dress and romper in the same color and fabric so I have all the options because I’m just a spoiled betch.

Chuanqi Letter Printed Shirt

Chuanqi Women's Sexy Letter Printed Loose Casual Tank Top Plus Size L-5XL Shirt

Because it’s not officially true until I wear it on a shirt.

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