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Just Keep Swimming

Gabi Fresh tribal print bikini

A Maui vacay is something I am sure everyone with kids could use, especially if it’s without your kids, which in our case it was. Before you go wanting to hit me or anything, I will make you feel a little better by telling you I threw out my back at the beginning of the third day.

I have VERY sensitive sciatica for which I go to physical therapy. I also deal with chronic pain in my shoulders which is apparently just a side effect of 30+ years of bad posture. Dealing with both of these issues (oh yeah and throw in chronic tendinitis of my left hand just for shits, which is awesome when you use a keyboard for a living) is one of the biggest reasons I really needed a getaway. But some things you just can’t get away from.

So I brought all these outfits of course because I was going to milk the shit out of this trip and that wouldn’t be complete without taking some OOTDs with a gorgeous ocean beside me. However, the above pic was the only one I got to take before a rogue wave tossed me around a little too vehemently and made my back spazz the fuck out.

Monif C. Havana bandage cut-out swimsuit

After 24 hours of rest, I saw a chiropractor who prescribed me pool time and mai tais. I readied myself to limp out of my room but I figured if I could stand, I could slay. And slay I did. I also caught some very weird tan lines.

Forever 21 plus size silver halter bikini

This was now the fifth day and shit was still not great. I was sore and kind of afraid to move but yeah ok let me climb up to this little rock wall with absolutely nothing to grab onto should I stumble so hubs can snap me in the fucking silver bikini. It’s silver! Some metallics are worth getting seriously injured for. The world of plus size swimwear needs to stop vastly improving because I now have more suits and bikinis than actual days of summer.

I still managed to have a phenomenal time on Maui. Caught a luau, got a massage, hiked in the rain, sailed into the sunset while drinking champagne, ate pie at Leoda’s AND proved to myself that I’m fuckin unstoppable. What’s to complain about?

Outfit Deets:

GabiFreshTribal Print Bikini | swimsuitsforall

Havana Bandage Swimsuit | Monif C

Silver Bikini | Forever 21 (top & bottom)

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