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Plus size overalls

Sorry all. A family-wide stomach bug that took me out of commission for four whole days has completely derailed my blogulousness and outfit-putting-together abilities for that matter. However, in sickness and in health, I always have my eye out for trends and one in particular that is seriously inspiring me…to vomit…is the sudden and inexplicable comeback of fucking overalls. Why. Seriously, why.

I’m not going to lie by telling you my first thought about plus size overalls wasn’t how utterly unflattering they could potentially be. Fit and flatter are still pretty important to me personally. But for the most part, I agree and live by this quote which I found from my pal Plus Size Panda:

“when it comes to dressing myself, i live by a very simple principle. i am fat, therefore, i look fat in everything; consequently, i can wear anything.” -Kim Selling

So yeah, I can wear anything but guess what–I STILL don’t want to wear fucking overalls. That’s how bad this situation is. I will wear a pink, shapeless, billowing jeweled tunic that in all honesty makes me look like Kirby if Kirby were a pimp but I won’t wear overalls. What I think is the real problem is maaaaaaybe overalls is where the line has to be drawn on the late 80s/early 90s fashion revival. Perhaps we have finally found the limit. Any further and you’ll be seeing Zubaz back on the streets. And not just in an ironic way.


  • mpaandaa
    Posted at 00:37h, 21 June

    Are overalls really all that different from rompers though? Especially if the overalls in question are made from a fabric other than denim?

    • mamafierce
      Posted at 21:46h, 24 June

      YES. Rompers *usually* have some pleating or darting at the waist to give them a shape. Plus, overalls have that bib part that just doesn’t do anyone with boobs any favors. To your point, I was mostly talking about denim overalls because denim is such a heavy fabric to wear on both your top and bottom simultaneously. Thanks for commenting!

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