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Brand spankin' new plus size brand RWN by Rawan gets taken for a spin.
rwn by rawan
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RWE By Rawan plus size skinny jeans

Review: RWN By Rawan

The other night, I was having dinner with a great friend I haven’t seen in over four years. We picked up right where we left off pretty naturally and obviously since I was one half of the party, the conversation definitely dipped into fashion once or 10 times. Then we delved into denim and how jean shopping is the Antichrist for basically all women, even her who is thin and has more options. By options, I mean, she can put it on. But will it make her feel good and comfortable? Meh.

No matter what number graces the tags in your closet, hunting for jeans can only range from “total bitch” to “literal impossibility.” When I find jeans I like, I buy them in doubles or in every color. When I find that a brand is consistent with their jeans, I send everyone and their mother there. This is precisely why I was a little nervous in reviewing RWN by Rawan. However, since Rawan Ghawi brought plus sizes to Forever 21 and was a buyer for Torrid, I figured this would be a safe try. So here goes:

Pair #1: Limited Edition Rodeo Deconstructed Wash Ankle Fray Jeans

RWE By Rawan plus size skinny jeans

Holy crap, do I love a good distressed jean. Here’s what I also love–a high-ass waist, actual front pockets and semi-thin stretch fabric. On these points, this pair really hit it.

RWE By Rawan plus size skinny jeansOne thing that is a challenge for me is the life of the stretch. Honestly, it’s a hard balance to strike and only one other brand has achieved this for me. This is the one pitfall of this pair. They stretch but then they seem to keep stretching throughout the day. By the late afternoon, it felt like the waist had just given up on me.

RWE By Rawan plus size skinny jeans

However, my ass and legs still felt adequately hugged. If your hips are smaller than your waist, these could be a great fit for you after a bit of breaking in.

Pair #2: Compression Moto Pull On Skinny Jean

RWE By Rawan plus size skinny jeans

These jeans are above all sturdy AF. The denim is thick and durable, hence the moto style. The waistband is wide and supportive. They looked amazing once I got them on but that was a bit of labor. And jumping.

RWE By Rawan plus size skinny jeans

But look at my butt. It is nice to have one or two pairs of “sacrifice my comfort for fashion” jeans and this fits the bill.

If I could combine the wash of the second pair with the fit and fabric of the first, I’d have a near-perfect jean. Overall, the first was my favorite because I can see myself lounging at home AND meeting besties for tapas in them. I’m excited to see what else this brand has in store for us.

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