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Shut yo mouth.


I was in San Diego a couple of weeks ago. A friend picked me up from the airport and immediately said, “We should get lunch but I also have to buy a new pair of shoes, is that OK?” Food and shoes. Hmmm. Let me think about that one. Then she proceeded to warn me about a store called Cotton On that takes all her money. She was right to caution me however this Arigato sweater and mean set of black and white speckled flats only took 25 of my dollars. But I can easily see what she meant.


And THIS picture, this is the inspiration for the title of this post because I literally said SHUT YO MOUTH when I saw it. That can’t be me. The sass seems familiar but what is that thing I am making with my body IS THAT A SHAPE WTF. Look at my butt! And I love those pants from Old Navy. I can finally see the benefit of pleated pants for their pouch-hiding factor. They make crop tops all the more possible.

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