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Target FEED Shirt

After putting together a few ultra-girly outfits, my inner 16-year-old punk always wants to scramble to the surface. Out came this military-inspired look with some edgy twists. The inspiration of course is this FEED USA tank top from Target. Add a zipper-pocket jean skirt and some leopard booties and I was instantly ready for a ramen date with friends. Not to mention, some simple utilitarian jewelry always finishes a casual outfit perfectly with just the right amount of boldness.

Rope Bracelets

dolman cardigan

You read other fashion blogs, I’m sure. So you know how impeccable some of these personal stylistas seem to look every single day. But I guarantee you, we all have our scrambling days when makeup isn’t an option, there is no time for a flat iron, and we are even lucky we found our other shoe before it was absolutely time to get out the door.

Today for instance, I showered after a taking the jogging stroller for a spin and didn’t have a single moment to put on real clothes until my husband came home. An hour late. I had to go to the mall which was closing in an hour so alas, this is my scramble look.


This took me three minutes to slap together and plain face and all, I do not look like I spent all day in active wear and a nightgown, which I did. New staple for my closet for instant fierceness–the dolman cardigan. Tell me that slouchy sleeve doesn’t take this very comfy and casual look up a few notches.

What I’m Wearing:
Lane Bryant cardigan (similar here)
Lane Bryant tank top
Forever 21 spike necklace
Old Navy The Rockstar skinny jeans

INPINK bracelet (similar here)

Payless Chelsea flats

Notorious BIG sweater

Sweatshirts are definitely near the top of my list of most unflattering pieces of clothing. A few snips at the neck and sleeves are all I needed to turn this awesome men’s Notorious BIG sweatshirt into a sick slouchy tee. Old school meets new fashion. The gold swan flats are also from Urban (similar here).

Neon nails

There’s plenty of shine with the top and shoes so I wanted to go a little simple with the jewels. The stacked wooden bead necklace is from Target (similar from Etsy here). Sucks to be you but I found this carved bone skull ring at a gem and mineral fair (shut up, they have bomb estate sales for vintage jewelry. And geodes for my dork husband. I said shut up.) and this copper studded plate bracelet at A Glance Into The Past in Arroyo Grande. We go there to stock up on old cartoon drinking glasses. Didn’t I tell you to shut it?

Oh yeah and the shades are from ASOS. Find them here in white.