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For my second venture into meta fashion, this little crop top posed a formidable challenge–finding the perfect green ankle boot. That particular color of green is hard to come by and I still didn’t get it completely right. However, this pointed rain boot really made me happier about the long, wet winter we’ve been having. (These photos were taken within a two-hour sunny window).

Green pointed rain boots

I don’t know if I’ve talked about these Lovesick jeans, but they are my go-to butt jeans. I fucking love them. I am my most feeling-myself self in them.

Green boots plus size crop top

As you can see, this is a pretty subtle meta fashion look so I felt the need to take THIS picture to fully get the point across:

Green pointed rain boots

I got so many pebbles down my chones. Suffer for art. I know I look like I’ve fallen and I can’t get up but I fucking love this shot. Not bad for a tripod. Humble brag.

Green boots plus size crop top

Shopping Linkes:

Graphic print top | Shein (6% Cash Back at Ebates! Join here.)
High rise skinny jeans | Lovesick (2% Cash Back at Ebates! Join here.)
Ankle rain boot | Amazon
Ultra Satin Lip in Marshmallow | ColourPop 


Scallops. It is one of those style points I have always loved but often just doesn’t fall neatly in line with my not-so-neat aesthetic. Scallops are demure, cutesy and retro–hard to mix into an edgier wardrobe. But Boohoo, oh Boohoo. You did it.


Boohoo pink plus size jumpsuit

While this gorgeous mauve catsuit was pretty daring on its own, I thought it could use a little hip hop inspo with these electric neon Nikes and one seriously sick chain belt. The bralette and vest (oldie but goody) I just added because strapless is a real no-no for me. I always live in fear of a wardrobe malfunction (i.e. nip slip).

Plus size gold chain belt

Can I just say how much I love Boohoo? Not only do they have frequent sales, 3.5% cash back at Ebates isn’t half bad either. If you haven’t joined Ebates yet, I don’t know what’s stopping you. They have a ton of plus size stores. All you have to do is go to first, search for a store, click Shop Now and shop away. Cash back will be automatically added to your account and you’ll get it quarterly in a check or through PayPal. Join with this link and you’ll get a $10 welcome bonus!

Boohoo pink plus size jumpsuit

Outfit Deets:

Irena scallop jumpsuit | Boohoo

Cozy Ultra Satin lipcolor | ColourPop

Utility vest | Eloquii (sold out, similar here)

Cage bralette | Forever 21 (sold out, similar here)

Gold layered chain belt Ready To Stare

Nike Air Force 1 Low Upstep Breathe | Villa

Ready for another one of those “throw it against the wall and see if it sticks” outfits? Honestly, those are my favorite ones. They are a hot mess on paper but with a tiny bit of coordination and just the right strut, you can make anything werq.

Rue107 rooster skirt

Eloquii off shoulder top

I’ll let you in on another secret: I CAN’T decide which part of this look is my favorite. The luscious terra cotta top that turned me onto off-the-shoulder cuts this season, the poppin’ lace-up flats and my perfectly-matched eyeliner, my ghostly gray lip or my gold-vein glasses? Seriously, how am I supposed to pick? It’s like focal-point overkill–which is basically my middle name.

Bonlook Jack and Norma glasses

Definite Penelope Garcia vibes, right? And never mind. I DO know my favorite part of this outfit. The rooster skirt. Because do you want to know how many times I walked over to someone, said “guess what?” they said, “what?” and I turned around, pointed my ass at them and said “CHICKEN BUTT?” Too bad. I lost count.

Rue107 rooster skirt

This is me, very pleased with myself.

Outfit Deets:

Jack & Norma glasses | Bonlook

Piggy Bank eyeliner | ColourPop

Marshmallow Ultra Matte Lip ColourPop

Textured Off The Shoulder Top Eloquii

Eleanor Rooster skirt Rue107

Lace-up ballet flats Ebay

Mustard Strap Dress Forever 21 Plus Size

Ugh how I hate the hiatus-breaking posts. Not that I am really convinced that I have enough followers who need an explanation as to why I haven’t been updating or if the few I have even noticed that I’ve been MIA. It’s only that it feels weird getting back into things without going over what has kept me away. But basically, I am mad at my body. And for a body posi blogger, talk about a mind-fuck.

I’ve had some very bad wrist tendinitis and in the process of trying to tweek my desk ergonomics at work and at home, I have completely fucked up my already pretty fucked up back. I am pretty much always uncomfortable and I haven’t been pain-free a single day since maybe Christmas? And when a big part of the whole body posi movement is proclaiming that fat people can be healthy and then you suddenly start feeling unhealthy, it just makes you want to hide. Because you’re no longer the glowing example our movement needs. No fat femme yogi here. And I know I am suffering from things that also often happen to thin people. I know this. But walking the line between loving my body and denying the consequences of my eating disorder is just a tricky space in which to live. So that’s what I’m dealing with right now.

Being mad at your ill body and the limitations it is putting on your spirit can be a tough spell to break. It would take one seriously slaytastic outfit to get me feeling myself again. And maybe some accidental baby bangs…

Old Navy Denim Vest Plus Size

…AND finally pulling off a half-down top knot that didn’t make me want to hurl. That reeeeeeeally helped. Also, I really need to stop forgetting the healing powers of red lipstick.

Mamafierce Mustard Dress

You ever look in the mirror, especially after an excruciating saga of trying to find to find the right hair style, and say, “There she is. That’s the bitch I was meant to look like. She’s fucking rad and I want to be her best friend and I bet she has really cool taste in music and a cutting sense of humor but she’s prob supes humble about it obvi because she’s cray smart but still uses dumb-dumb slang? Is she on Snapchat?” No, me neither.

Mamafierce Dress: Forever 21
Vest: Old Navy
Lips: ColourPop

jumpsuit1You almost feel like you are getting away with something when you wear anything like this gorgeous and luxuriously soft H&M jumpsuit to work. Or anywhere outside the house for that matter. It feels like pajamas, it even kinda looks like them. Throw on a belt and leopard sandals, and you are totally fooling people into thinking you are suffering for fashion like normal.

jumpsuit2But literally, the most uncomfortable thing I wore that day was my ColourPop Ultra Matte in Limbo, and by uncomfortable I mean as uncomfortable as any long-staying lipstick can possibly be. That was my suffering for the day. Worth it.

jumpsuit3Warrior pose. I should have bought another one just for yoga. Live and learn.