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When it comes to denim, I really like to branch out and try new trends. Since I have pairs in my go-to cuts and colors, denim has to be pretty compelling in order for me to add it to my wardrobe. Remember those mom jeans with the plastic knees…I would have. Just sayin. Luckily, I was happy to see some unique styles at rue21, along with some fall staples to pair them with. My new favorite fall must-have–the cropped hoodie.

rue21 ombre plus size jeans

The thing I cannot loathe more about sweaters is how long they tend to be on me (short AND short torsoed) and how hard of a problem that is to fix. Knit sweaters are very hard to alter and sweatshirts can be a bitch to cut correctly. So this solves my problem perfectly and is just the right amount of edge yours truly is accustomed to.

plus size cropped sweatshirt

Now for the jeans, one thing I have yet to try before this is an ombre wash, nor have I rocked a step cuff. I can definitely get used to this. This pair had plenty of stretch so the comfort level was amazing. Also, these are supposed to be crops but you know…short. It’s actually why I love crops. No alteration required.

rue21 ombre plus size jeans

Aaaand my life is also now completely because I have rose-gold sneakers. For. Under. 20. Bucks. *dies*

rue21 ombre plus size jeans

Printed denim is also something I have limited experience with, making these leopard babies all the more crucial.

rue21 plus fall jeans review

plus size savage crop top

And what is more “hard femme” than a lace trim SAVAGE crop top? I can’t wait to patch up this denim jacket. My denim vest was getting a tad full. Also, notice I am wearing the same sneakers in pewter and they are amazing.

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For my second venture into meta fashion, this little crop top posed a formidable challenge–finding the perfect green ankle boot. That particular color of green is hard to come by and I still didn’t get it completely right. However, this pointed rain boot really made me happier about the long, wet winter we’ve been having. (These photos were taken within a two-hour sunny window).

Green pointed rain boots

I don’t know if I’ve talked about these Lovesick jeans, but they are my go-to butt jeans. I fucking love them. I am my most feeling-myself self in them.

Green boots plus size crop top

As you can see, this is a pretty subtle meta fashion look so I felt the need to take THIS picture to fully get the point across:

Green pointed rain boots

I got so many pebbles down my chones. Suffer for art. I know I look like I’ve fallen and I can’t get up but I fucking love this shot. Not bad for a tripod. Humble brag.

Green boots plus size crop top

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Peeps, let me tell you about my friend Lola. I’ve known this beautiful soul for a few years now and the first thing about her that will capture you is her smile. The next is her authenticity. And a CLOSE third is her sense of style. Born in Nigeria and raised in California, Lola has been traveling annually to Nigeria to employ local Oyo tailors and seamstresses to create her amazing contemporary designs. All of her pieces, like this peplum skirt, are handmade with high-quality Ankara.

African print pencil skirt

African print Ankara peplum skirt

This skirt is fully lined, which is also a bonus. While the fabric is sturdy cotton with little stretch, the cut is designed to accommodate hips and buns. I also loved how well it paired with a plain v-neck tee.

African print Ankara peplum skirt

Also, can you even stop looking at my boots? I dare you to try. I felt like I was wearing disco balls. A stranger stopped to Instagram me. It was a good day.

Sliver glitter ankle boots

Sliver glitter ankle boots

That jeweled heel, tho. Anyway, back to Lola. As much as I was in love with this skirt, I was definitely the most excited about the crop top. You all know how I feel about crop tops.

Ankara peplum crop top

OK let’s break it down. It’s lined colorfully. The print is cray. AND THE LONG SIDE PEPLUM WHAT IS HAPPENING. I mean, anything I can twirl is just too good for words.

African print peplum crop top

Get a load of the print in its full glory. This will definitely get me through the foggy fall days ahead.

African print peplum crop top

African print peplum crop top

Lola will be launching a Kickstarter soon to expand the business so stay tuned for early-bird pricing! Follow Lola’s African Apparel on Facebook and sign up for her newsletter here.

Shopping Linkies:

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I never say “napes” to capes these days. I almost choked on my gum at first sight of this Rebdolls Garnerstyle collab piece because I thought it was a cape top. However, I find that these unique open sleeves provide a similar effect. And while I tend to kind of hate cold-shoulder styles, this is a little different and still had that night-at-the-opera vibe I got from my cape dress.


But you can guess what got the most compliments on this outfit. Nothing really had a chance against that gold sequin skirt (matching top here), but I had no problems with that of course. Someone in the elevator asked if I was headed to a party and I said “No. It’s just Monday.”


Just love the movement on this. As for the rest of the Rebdolls Garnerstyle collection, I’m a fan and can’t wait for more. The pieces range from fun and flirty to sultry and sexy and has something for modest misses and exhibitionist babes alike.



Guys, you don’t even know. This was a huuLONG time coming. Yet again, a sizing snafu has come in between me and “the look.” This H&M crop top and shorts combo in its largest size, a whopping 16, was obscenely too small. Like five inches around the waist too few. I’ve bought a 16 from them before with no issue whatsoever so WTF?

I would have just returned it but the cats looked up at me with their sad little faces and cold little noses and said but I thought we found a forever home don’t take us back to the kill shelter GAH. So I found a wonderful woman on Yelp who took fabric from the top to take out the shorts. I ended up removing the sleeves and taking a little more length off the top with my own sloppy sewing machine skills just to get the right amount of “crop.” The result is a completely different silhouette but totally for the better.

Thanks for the fabric, H&M. Now get your shit together and stop half-assing plus size clothing. Or do you not want a piece of the HUNDREDS of dollars I throw down at Eloquii on the reg? Is my money too fat for you, too?

catprint2Another pro besides how obviously fabulous this outfit is is how awesome it is for getting the shit beat out of you by toddlers.


Yes that is pure glee on my son’s face as he fills his tiny first with my hair that is STILL RECOVERING from postpartum hair-loss JUST TAKE IT ALL DUDE WHATEVER. My cousin’s kid in the pink and my niece in the white are, understandably, horrified. Nonetheless, shorts. Shorts are the rough and tumble yet yoga-pants-refusing mom’s best friend. Fashion, function, no unexpected crotch shots. Add a pair of tights and you’re fool proof.



It started with a lipstick. A ColourPop matte Lippie Stix in Creature that has inspired me to play with my entire makeup look. From there, goth-infused fabulousness happened.

goth3A ghoulish, smokey green eye, a camel maxi skirt and a bondage-tastic gladiator sandal took even my normal edge levels up a notch and I think the attempt to tone them down with pearls and florals only made things more bold. Which works for me!

goth2This Forever21 skirt is killer. Super comfortable, amazing color, flowy as a motherfucker. I only noodled on buying it for so long because I’ve got a lot of camel in my closet but this is a seriously versatile piece.

yellow_crop1This outfit couldn’t have come at a more perfect time, what with the whole O Magazine body shaming snafu. And from a man? Seriously, editors? You thought it might be a good idea to let someone tell us what NOT to wear AND that someone should have a dick, too? GIRL BYE.

I have come a long way in forgiving my FUPA. My pooch. My skirt steak. It’s there. You can see it. I can see it. Hopefully we can both kindly take a seat on the No Fucks train. If you can’t come along for the ride, hey, that just means more room for my purse.

BTW, this was a totally inspired outfit. I saw a hair stylist at my salon rock a peplum crop and boyfriend jeans and I was instantly obsessed. It is the closest to 90s retro you can get without having to incorporate a giant, ugly black belt or a velvet choker.

yellow_crop2Besides, who needs a stupid choker when you have a beauty like this! I’m still getting a lot of mileage out of my INPINK necklace.


I bought this crop top from Eloquii a while ago assuming that it would be a normal top on my infinitely short torso. Not so. Legit skin belt action happening. Below is the dry run.


I had indeed lucked out because I just bought these pants which would go onto support many other crop tops and crop sweaters but still. This is a new step. Forget the fatkini. This is a fat woman showing skin in the daytime without the backdrop of a majestic ocean and sprawling sands to distract scrutinizing eyes. But guess what? Like every single one of my other fashion experiments, no one really curr. And anyone with the balls to say anything to me said it in the form of a compliment.


Well, except one not-so-privvy-to-fashion-perhaps-because-shes-from-the-central-valley friend of mine who tried to pull it down because she just thought it was a normal shirt gone rouge and riding up. And me already gearing up on the defensive because of course someone is going to pick on the fat kid (like they do), I immediately slap her hand away and scream THATS THE STYLE, FRESNO. Nice. A chip on the shoulder is always a winning accessory. Also, how bout them nurse sandals? I kinda hate Birks but I love the comfy sandal trend (because thank god its now cool to NOT torture your feet, that’s pretty sweet). I got these Easy Spirits (literally, they are Easy Spirits shut up) from Goodwill on Height. I came in to do some Instagramming when I was the Editorial Director for Goodwill Corporate for a whopping 30 days. In fact, tomorrow marks one year from the day I was laid off. Fuck, I loved that job. Ugh. At least I got some shoes out of it.

Top: Eloquii
Necklace: INPINK


I was in San Diego a couple of weeks ago. A friend picked me up from the airport and immediately said, “We should get lunch but I also have to buy a new pair of shoes, is that OK?” Food and shoes. Hmmm. Let me think about that one. Then she proceeded to warn me about a store called Cotton On that takes all her money. She was right to caution me however this Arigato sweater and mean set of black and white speckled flats only took 25 of my dollars. But I can easily see what she meant.


And THIS picture, this is the inspiration for the title of this post because I literally said SHUT YO MOUTH when I saw it. That can’t be me. The sass seems familiar but what is that thing I am making with my body IS THAT A SHAPE WTF. Look at my butt! And I love those pants from Old Navy. I can finally see the benefit of pleated pants for their pouch-hiding factor. They make crop tops all the more possible.