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My best friend never goes to bed on time. It’s amazing that we are still friends. I, on the other hand, love sleep more than life. There are times I am sleepy and it’s approaching that time to go to bed and then there are times when I need to go to bed rightthefucknow and if you keep talking to me I might just cry hysterically like a literal baby. Is this why I am so here for the daytime pajamas look?

Plus size wide leg jeans

Rounded collars, satiny fabrics, robe-like dresses. Loving it. It’s like the sophisticated big sister of the “woke up like this” messy bun and yoga pants look.

Plus size pajama blouse

I should also just say that I never wear anything this fancy to bed but now I am seriously considering it. These luxurious fabrics are the comfiest. Not like I need any help getting to sleep but whatever.

Plus size satin robe dress

And now it’s time for some Premme! I have always wanted to show up on someone’s doorstep wearing nothing but lingerie under a trench coat ala Robin Givens in Boomerang but wearing that in my backyard with Laurel Dickman was as close to that as I’ll get for now.

Plus size satin robe dress

Feeling this fabric on bare skin really is a sensual experience. Not as much as seeing this pictures come out but yaknow.

Plus size satin robe dress

Obligatory I-can’t-stop-laughing-long-enough-to-be-professional pic.

So remember this video where I promised you that I would style this piece as a coat as well? I do!

Plus size satin robe dress

In my Babes shirt, no less. Premme needs to make more crop tees because I basically live in this bitch just because it fits PERFECTLY. It’s everything I want in a crop top. Except for the neck, which I cut.

Plus size satin robe dress

Anyhoo. I am short. And while I didn’t mind the length of this piece as a dress, I am kinda not feeling it as a coat. Maybe with a skirt? Still comfy though!

Plus size satin robe dress


And is this my color or hhhuwhat? ‘Tis. (Photo credit: Laurel Dickman)

Shopping Linkies:

Contrast Pajama Top | Eloquii
High Rise Wide Leg Denim Pant | Eloquii
Sol Satin Dress | Premme
Babes Crop Tee | Premme

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Fall is finally here (sometimes even for minutes at a time) and I can’t wait to cover my life in camel and my lips in bordeaux. Most of all, I am DYING to wear velvet like every damn day. Let me kick it off with this gorgeous gold skirt. You can grab it from Fashion Nova at a discount with code MAMAFIERCE.

Going to the gym shirt

What I love about velvet is the myriad ways you can dress it up or down. I’m all about a mix of glam and punk and this piece looks killer with a graphic tee and leopard sneakers. I got this APT tee from Burger and Friends.

Plus size velvet skirt

Notice I’ve got a little bra peeking out and it is ALSO maroon. It’s all about the little deets.

Plus size velvet skirt

As I mentioned, I already have TONS of velvet but it’s just never enough yaknow? So here is my velvet wishlist for fall chock full of velvet plus size pieces you just might die over. Sorry in advance.

Velvet Bomber Jacket

Velvet Bomber Jacket

You’ve probably already heard of my obsession with Cat & Jack and how I’m thinking of hounding and harassing them into making adult plus sizes. Until then, this jacket should hold me over.

Velvet Sweatpants

Velvet Sweatpants

Sporty joggers and in that millennial pink, too? Yiss pls.

Letter Crushed Velvet Plus Size Top

Letter Crushed Velvet Plus Size Top

I confess, this is actually in the mail on its way to me rn. I wear my truth, damn it.

Plus Melissa Embroidery Detail Strappy Velvet Dress

Plus Melissa Embroidery Detail Strappy Velvet Dress

Embroidery is still my jam and I hope we still see a ton of it transition from summer to fall.

Studio Metallic Embroidered Cape

Studio Metallic Embroidered Cape

Speak of the devil. Holy shit, I need this.

Velvet Wrap Suit

Velvet Wrap Jacket With Satin Trim

Guys. Seriously guys. This suit it everything. Available in separates, of course: Jacket, Pants

Pleated Skirt

Pleated Skirt

Watch me rock this one on my Facebook live video!

Lurex Embroidered Ankle Booties

Lurex Embroidered Ankle Booties

Don’t forget that velvet is a head-to-toe affair.

Velvet Gemstone Statement Choker

Velvet Gemstone Statement Choker

Plus, it’s all about the accents.

Here’s why I love plus size maxi dresses–they are easy, they are easy, and they are EASY. Everyone always has something to say when you where one and you get to giggle in secret while you think about throwing it over your head and running the fuck out the door.

But more than that, they are versatile when done right. They have the flow to keep you cool in the summer and the coverage to protect you from fall chills, with plenty of ways to layer and style them into new looks. Here are a few gems I picked out with simple yet stylish cuts in colors that can easily take you into the colder months.

Summer Floral Maxi

Summer Floral Maxi - Ivory

How perfect would this look with a denim or leather jacket? Or even my new obsession–denim bombers?

Printed Full Sleeve Maxi Dress

Printed Full Sleeve Maxi Dress

This one I love because the floral isn’t too vibrant and more muted for fall. Plus, it will look amazing with a sleeveless trench.

Isla Floral Print Maxi Dress

Plus Isla Floral Print Maxi Dress

This red poppy color is a great shade for fall. I’d love to see it edged up with a black biker jacket.

Helen Floral Off The Shoulder Maxi Dress

Plus Helen Floral Off The Shoulder Maxi Dress

Even your off-shoulder dresses can be layered for dropping temps. This dark floral would pair perfectly under a chunky, cropped sweater.

Frankie Stripe Tie Front Maxi Dress

"Plus Frankie Stripe Tie Front Maxi Dress "

A simple cardigan is all you need for this pinstriped perfection.

Orla Striped Column Maxi Dress

Plus Orla Striped Column Maxi Dress

What can I say? I’m kinda living for stripes. They are very transitional, after all. Fall calls for more geometric prints and flirty summer stripes definitely qualify. This piece would look fantastic with a bomber to keep the look sporty-chic.

ZANZEA Polka Dot Maxi Dress

ZANZEA Women Polka Dot Strapless Boho Spaghetti Long Maxi Beach Party Dress

Pockets alert! This is another great piece for a denim jacket and booties.

Verdusa Color Block Maxi Dress

Verdusa Women's Summer Color Block Half Sleeve Split Casual Loose Shift Maxi Dress

How amazing is this color combo? But how about that slouchy cut, tho? Love.

Junarose Plus Size Tie Dye Maxi Dress

"Junarose Women's Plus Size Sleeveless Tie Dye Maxi Dress "

Fact: the only acceptable tie-dye shade is black and white. Fight me.

Annabelle Racerback Maxi Dress

Annabelle Women's Casual Racerback Tank Top Sleeveless Long Maxi Dresses

Blush is a color that transcends seasons. Get you some blush.

Boho Me Maxi Dress

Boho Me Maxi Dress

I do love the dark lavender of this dress but it comes in even more colors!

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Shopping for bottoms has been my jam lately for one very important reason: I’m expecting…to keep the extra inches I have gained around my middle for a while as I shed more and more toxic dieting behaviors.

Let me explain! I took an online course called Dare Not to Diet, which is amazing. It made me realize my ED recovery had become very dietesque and suffocating and crazy-making. So as I shed all my food “rules” that once kept me safe but now make me insane, my body is changing in response. And while most of my clothes still fit, tight jeans can be triggering and looser pants are definitely more gentle mentally right now. Also, they are insanely cloot.

plus size palazzo pants

plus size west coast bathing suit

If you’re not wearing your bathing suits as bodysuits rn, you are not getting your money’s worth. In fact, I have yet to wear this one for its intended purpose but I will because LOOK AT THE BACK OMG

plus size west coast bathing suit

Slitted pants are the thing right now and I am so happy to be on this train. This pair reminds me of the movie Angus in the most affectionate way:

plus size side slit pants

I just noticed how “knotty” this look is. Top knot, tee knot, waist knot. I did not plan this. Magic just happens.

I'm not a blogger tee

OK this last one is my favorite:

Plus size wide leg pants

It’s not often I get to rock the collared shirt and statement necklace look but it is one of my top 10 styles.

Plus size wide leg pants

It was also a great opportunity to strap on my super nostalgic platform sandals. Yes, they are lighter than Cool Whip.

platform sandals

Oh and who dis bb?

Plus size wide leg pants

plus size fashion

It’s my ket, Divvy. She does really go with the rust pants.

Shopping Linkies:

West Coast swimsuit | Forever 21
Not a blogger tee | Forever 21
Side slit tie pants | Eloquii
Chambray top | Poshmark (Join now and get $5 to spend on any item! Use code GOCLP)
Platform sandals (only available in black) | Rocket Dog

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It has indeed been a while since I have done a remix look where I re-style pieces previously featured on the blog. This one, however, is way more of a refresh than simply throwing on a new necklace or shoes. Remember this little number?

Eloquii laser cut hem dressMeeeee too. I fucking love this dress. And of course, this picture was literally the last time I wore it because how often can you really wear a piece like this? As I was cleaning out my closet for maybe the second time this month, I briefly considered selling it but the thought physically hurt. The shape is so unique and special, if only there was a way I could get more mileage out of it.

Then my scissors started screaming I’LL HANDLE THIS.

Turning a dress into separates

Let’s get one thing straight, I am not great at sewing. I have a machine, I kinda know how to use it, I usually end up crudely hand-sewing because I am lazy and actual tailoring involves way too much ironing, they don’t tell you that part until you’ve already paid for sewing classes. Luckily, heavy scuba material like what this dress it made out of, does not fray! All I had to do was cut through a plastic zipper in the back and epoxy the zip end in place. Then I hemmed the top of the skirt.

Also, before we move on OMG THESE SHOES.

ASOS gold slingback flats

Mark watched me open them and he told me he hadn’t seen me this riled up since the season finale of Westworld.

Moving on, I also had to sew this sweet Pearl Jam patch onto the top because history. And regret.


This is me at…23? Wearing my favorite dress in the world that I butchered and puff-painted after buying it at a French Connection in London because it was literally the only thing I could find that fit. It had a beaded collar that was falling apart. I managed to keep the collar but NOT the Pearl Jam patch that came off of what would become a very rare shirt I would end up paying $50 for 10 years later just to relive this favorite dress memory.

Anyway, hot pink/orange-red color combo checked off my bucket list!

Turning a dress into separates

As for the skirt, I think I will find plenty of uses for it.


Outfit Deets:

Blue leather skirt | The Plus Bus
Gold slingback flats | ASOS (Get 2.5% Cash Back at Ebates! Join here.)
Purple lace-up flats | Ebay

Raise your hand if this has ever happened to you–you receive birthday and Christmas presents from a few different people but start to notice a theme emerging. Then after the tenth present with the same theme, someone finally says, “I know you like these. I see you with them all the time.” That is apparently the story of how I ended up with everything skull and skeleton when I was in high school. To me, I maybe wore the same Misfits shirt every day and had ONE purse with a skull and crossbones on it but I never thought to myself gee I fucking love bones cover my life in bones pleece. But yeah. I guess I gravitated.

Skeleton bracelet

This bracelet is bad ass, I must say. I actually bought it a long time ago and almost didn’t include it in this look until I saw it shining from under a pile of jewelry on my shelf and said what the hell. Also, I almost didn’t buy those leather bow flats because I thought they were fugly. Yet it’s that kind of fugly that haunts you and ends up in your shopping cart the minute you turn your back. They make me feel like a fancy nurse.

Maria Paulina plus size dress

Oh but the print on this dress, guys. I did always appreciate bright goth looks. Maria Paulina is a plus size brand I had never before tried. And while this piece is meant to be a mini dress, I still think my midgety self looks pretty rad in it.

Skeleton bracelet

Maria Paulina plus size dress

So there is more boney goodness in store. I recently saw a friend on Facebook rocking this INSANE spine crown, literally dropped what I was doing to ask her where she got it. She actually modeled it for a friend’s Etsy shop. Said friend let me borrow it for this shoot, which I like to call my heavy metal take on Dia de los Muertos.

Eloquii pom pom dress

Eloquii white gauze dress

How’s that for some ghostly La Llorona vibes? If you hear weeping in your backyard, it me.

Spine crown

JK I’m cloot.

Eloquii red pom pom dress

(All Polaroids courtesy of Jessica Shirley-Donnelly)

I fricken love Polaroids. I feel like every person on Earth should own a Polaroid picture of their mother looking young and fabulous. I know I have a few. Now my spawn will have something to bring out while drunk and nostalgic.

 Shopping Linkies:

Maki mini dress | Maria Paulina
Skull bracelet | Amazon
MIA bow sneakers | Amazon
Pom pom dress | Eloquii (Get 3.5% Cash Back at Ebates! Join here.)
Spinal crown | Custom order from The Bone Cat on Etsy (Follow her on Facebook and IG)

Now that my friends and I are getting older and more parental, we really don’t have many excuses to get together while dressed to the nines. And even if we did, we are so tired that we still secretly want to keep it comfy but it turns into a Mexican standoff where no one wants to say, “hey, let’s just have a pajama party” first. This is precisely what inspired me to work with this silver jumpsuit.

Silver pleated jumpsuit

Shiny, slinky, devoid of all abilities to accidentally flash panties, this piece is perfectly styled for the rowdiest of your New Year’s Eve shenanigans or the most couch-centric. It’s pretty comfortable so I rolled with the comfy chic and paired it with a bomber jacket and flat boots.

Floral bomber jacket

I really didn’t want this look to get too laid back and the easiest way to do that is to bring in the big guns for your accessories. And my favorite “big gun” as of late is crystal.

Baublebar occult necklace

I scored the necklace first and then just happened to find this amazing bun clip to create this ridiculous match made in shopaholic heaven. Again, this was one of those moments:

Kermit dark side meme

Guess which side won.

Silver pleated jumpsuit

So now that we have the comfier look out of the way, I can let my fabulous flag fly with THISSSSS

Sequin pencil skirt

I *clap* WAS *clap*FEELING *clap* MY *clap* SELF *clap* in this look. And that was an accomplishment considering this was a last-minute scramble of a look because Boohoo can’t get their shit together and send me my package on time.

Pink ankle boots

Also, this may officially be the most belly I have ever shown in public. But who wants to talk about a piece of skin when you’re captivated by so much sparkle. Which people were. And the boots were a close second. They continue to be my favorite ASOS purchase ever.

Sequin pencil skirt

The pink in this skirt is what sealed the deal for me. Colored sequin is hard to come by and I want all of it. I want to slowly turn my wardrobe into nothing but Selena stage clothes.

Sequin pencil skirt

Baublebar occult necklace

And one more look at this life-giving necklace. I want to be buried in it. And hopefully be brought back to life by it. Witch vibes.

Shopping Linkies:

Pleated silver jumpsuit | Target

Kat Von D Studded Kiss green lipstick | Sephora (4% Cash Back at Ebates! Join here.)

Floral bomber jacket | Fashion to Figure (6% Cash Back at Ebates! Join here.)

Beyond the Stars bun pin | Kitsch

Via Spiga Booties | Nordstrom Rack (1% Cash Back at Ebates! Join here.)

Occult choker | BaubleBar (1.5% Cash Back at Ebates! Join here.)

Soprano speckled crop top | Nordstrom Rack (1% Cash Back at Ebates! Join here.)

Variegated Sequin Pencil Skirt | ELOQUII (3.5% Cash Back at Ebates! Join here.)

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I think it took a whopping 3-4 weeks or something for me to finally watch Stranger Things. This was after I didn’t have a friend left in the would who was not all the way up my ass about it. Excuuuuuse me that I compulsively need to watch an episode or three of Hoarders before going to bed every night in order to fall asleep with the knowledge that I at least kinda have my shit together and this usually takes up all my media consumption time.

TeeFury Stranger Things shirts

But I was a fool, obvi. A beautiful little fool! I don’t know what spoke to me most–the 80s horror nostalgia or watching a bad ass chick infiltrate a ragtag group of nerdy boys as was my own teenage aspirations. Either way, I was fucking hooked. And what’s the first thing I do when I know I love something? I look for a freak flag to fly about it…

TeeFury Stranger Things shirts

…and I get hubs a matching one (1. Cuz love him. 2. Watching him accidentally put on the shirt that I cut into a sassy lil’ crop top is priceless…and no, no pics. I BEGGED.)…

TeeFury Stranger Things shirts

…and I make a meme (share it!).

TeeFury Stranger Things shirts

And I don’t really know how to segue into this but here’s a snap of my necklace looking like pizza.

Triangle necklace

Anyway, back to Barb. I think we all had a good ole’ shower cry the night we found out she was really deadsies. I know the moment I saw that Barb-shaped pile-o-go, my subconscious jukebox pressed F7 for Seal’s Kiss From a Rose. Mark was VERY into her as well. I hear he has a thing for chubby nerds? So this next purchase seemed just as fitting.

Barb Doll shirt from TeeFury

Barb Doll shirt from TeeFury

Of course the Barb Doll comes with a Trapper Keeper. Of course it does. By the way, I got both of these shirts with 5% Cash Back at Ebates. My next check will be over $70 and counting! Totes not a scam. Stores pay Ebates and they share the commission with you when you shop. If you aren’t already a member, join here for free.

Shopping Linkies:

Stranger Kids shirt | TeeFury

Barb Doll shirt | TeeFury

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Scallops. It is one of those style points I have always loved but often just doesn’t fall neatly in line with my not-so-neat aesthetic. Scallops are demure, cutesy and retro–hard to mix into an edgier wardrobe. But Boohoo, oh Boohoo. You did it.


Boohoo pink plus size jumpsuit

While this gorgeous mauve catsuit was pretty daring on its own, I thought it could use a little hip hop inspo with these electric neon Nikes and one seriously sick chain belt. The bralette and vest (oldie but goody) I just added because strapless is a real no-no for me. I always live in fear of a wardrobe malfunction (i.e. nip slip).

Plus size gold chain belt

Can I just say how much I love Boohoo? Not only do they have frequent sales, 3.5% cash back at Ebates isn’t half bad either. If you haven’t joined Ebates yet, I don’t know what’s stopping you. They have a ton of plus size stores. All you have to do is go to first, search for a store, click Shop Now and shop away. Cash back will be automatically added to your account and you’ll get it quarterly in a check or through PayPal. Join with this link and you’ll get a $10 welcome bonus!

Boohoo pink plus size jumpsuit

Outfit Deets:

Irena scallop jumpsuit | Boohoo

Cozy Ultra Satin lipcolor | ColourPop

Utility vest | Eloquii (sold out, similar here)

Cage bralette | Forever 21 (sold out, similar here)

Gold layered chain belt Ready To Stare

Nike Air Force 1 Low Upstep Breathe | Villa

Ready for another one of those “throw it against the wall and see if it sticks” outfits? Honestly, those are my favorite ones. They are a hot mess on paper but with a tiny bit of coordination and just the right strut, you can make anything werq.

Rue107 rooster skirt

Eloquii off shoulder top

I’ll let you in on another secret: I CAN’T decide which part of this look is my favorite. The luscious terra cotta top that turned me onto off-the-shoulder cuts this season, the poppin’ lace-up flats and my perfectly-matched eyeliner, my ghostly gray lip or my gold-vein glasses? Seriously, how am I supposed to pick? It’s like focal-point overkill–which is basically my middle name.

Bonlook Jack and Norma glasses

Definite Penelope Garcia vibes, right? And never mind. I DO know my favorite part of this outfit. The rooster skirt. Because do you want to know how many times I walked over to someone, said “guess what?” they said, “what?” and I turned around, pointed my ass at them and said “CHICKEN BUTT?” Too bad. I lost count.

Rue107 rooster skirt

This is me, very pleased with myself.

Outfit Deets:

Jack & Norma glasses | Bonlook

Piggy Bank eyeliner | ColourPop

Marshmallow Ultra Matte Lip ColourPop

Textured Off The Shoulder Top Eloquii

Eleanor Rooster skirt Rue107

Lace-up ballet flats Ebay