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Eloquii laser cut hem dress

I remember the first time I saw this dress. My first thought was, “I have so much of this color,” then I paused at the folded boat neckline and elbow sleeves before pretty quickly moving on. When your closet is getting as full as mine, it’s hard to make the cut. I mean, there wasn’t a single cat on it.


Then those Os. Those little laser-cut Peachie Os on the bottom of the skirt literally haunted me. They seemed to taunt, “Oooooo you know we’re gonna take your money. Don’t fight it booooooo.”

Eloquii laser cut hem dress

This piece really didn’t need much but it’s a lot of fabric in a bright solid so a little breaking up with a skinny belt can’t hurt.

Gold triangles headband

I actually had the headband lying around, waiting for the perfect debut and it finally came since I thought it played with the shapes on the dress swimmingly.

Outfit Deets:

Laser Cut Hem Dress | ELOQUII


Erika sheath neon plus size dress

I’m dipping into the archives here, folks. My hair has since been blonded and baby banged but my love for the day glo insanity that is this outfit remains unchanged. SF can get foggy, as you all know. So I just took it upon myself to be a beacon for tired commuters who found that being blinded was on par with a double espresso in terms of waking them the hell up.

Erika sheath neon plus size dress

Pencil dresses always make me feel like I’m walking off the set of Mad Men, no matter the cut or color. And while the neckline of this piece alone is marvelous, I had to play it up even more by throwing a cage bra into the mix. Orange nails and pink boots just seemed logical from there.

Gray lipstick MOTD

A neutral eye and charcoal lip really gave the colors in the look center stage. This dress can easily go with tan flats and a jewel-toned lip for a more conventional look. If you’re into that sort of thing. It’s cool if you are. We can still be friends. As long as you don’t mind gray lipstick on your margarita glass because after offering me a sip. (Note: Not offering me a sip means we can’t be friends.)

Outfit Deets:


Teggings Bra | Re/Dress

Lipstick | NYX (Stone Fox)

Elquoii Colorblock Sweater

I’ve been really drawn to black and white these days. There is just so much to do with it from florals to windowpane plaids. My favorite black and white look that I’ve done so far for the blog has to be my Eloquii top and skirt combo. The top looks just as amazing with jeans and as you can see, the skirt has endless possibilities and makes one hot winter look with this colorblock crop sweater, also from Eloquii.

ModCloth Cat Flats

The tights and cat flats, well, what would you expect of me by now? Mainly, it was just fucking cold and tights are glued to my legs at all times these days. The cat flats just seemed to go naturally after that.

Silver Fringe Necklace

I’d also been on the hunt for a matchstick necklace and this piece from Forever21 totes hit the spot. Something about rocking a bun and a statement necklace makes me feel so grown-up and chic, even if there are fluffy cats on my feet.

Eloquii Silver Wrap DressSo many slammin NYE looks out there from my fellow plus size bloggers. This particular one from Flight of the Fat Girl had me choking. I thought I might go a little Old Hollywood myself with some glitz and fur but I just wasn’t feeling it. What I ended up with was (typical) a harder-edged look that had me wanting to party like it’s 2099.

Eloquii Silver Wrap DressSpikes, chains and metallics felt pretty fitting, turning this into a sort of post-apocalyptic NYE look where clearly I am one of the few people who can still afford to dress well and am probably totally fucking evil but whatev. I’m thinking this just happened because the bitter cold tends to make it hard to feel all magical and romantic, at least for me. But before I let you go, here is a softer take on this look.

Eloquii Silver Wrap DressThis Eloquii dress is life. Sweet artificial cyborg life.


I’d been obsessing over this Eloquii plaid skirt for quite some time but held off because I have a ridiculous amount of black and white in my closet right now. But a bold oversized plaid like this in a rich, fleece-like fabric is a fall can’t-live-without. Plus, how perfectly does it go with my cat shirt from Resurrect Oakland? And yes, it has pockets! Goddamn, I love a skirt with pockets. It’s the best of both worlds like yeah I like to dress like a 50s housewife sometimes but I’m also a boss bitch with a phone and lipstick to carry.


Pointed loafers are also totes on the fall wardrobe staple list. However, you know how I like to keep things from getting too dark. These white Forever 21 loafers were just what I was looking for. But seriously, it’s all about this skirt. I just wanted to lay a picnic over my lap all damn day or wrap it around my shoulders while drinking hot cocoa but UGH the office would frown on that. Oppressors.

romper1Happy Hour with coworkers usually turns into Happy Wee Hours of the Morning so I usually dress with comfort in mind. And, to my credit, I got this outfit half right with Sofft sandals that are just plain like walking on fluffy bunnies and this gorgeous lace romper from Eloquii, which allowed me to cross “worry about accidental panty flaunting” right off the list for the night.

romper2But fashion genius that I am FAILED to consider frequent peeing or, even more awkward, girl bonding group bathroom trips where I had to say “oh yeah, I have to get naked. You might wanna turn around. I don’t know if our friendship is there yet.” Spoiler alert: It was.

No regrets, children. I will take high-maintenance urination over fear of butt flashing and gnarly thigh rub any day. That, in the end, is what makes a good romper a fucking champion in evening wear. Shit gets improper, wear a romper.

purple3Prints have been taking up space in my fashion consciousness as of late. I needed reminding that solids can be just as bold. Yes, it is all about the styling but the cut is a close second.

purple4For one, this is a whole lotta purple. Add to that the midi hem, fluted skirt and bracelet-length sleeves and this Eloquii dress is just a knockout. I passed it up a few times in my shopping, thinking maybe I couldn’t pull off the shape. Full disclosure, I Spanxed it up for the inaugural wearing, but I didn’t even need it. Scuba is miraculous like that.

purple1Greige (that’s gray and beige having a baby) booties, an old Macy’s necklace I have almost gotten rid of many times because it’s a TAD much, and my final sale Juicy Couture wild thing bag give this look a taste of colorblock with an animal print chaser.


Circle skirts. For someone who is in the process of becoming a little less circular, this was almost a hard sell for me. Now that I have more of a defined body shape, I really haven’t wanted to cover it up or do anything to make it look bigger because, for once, it would actually make a difference.

However, I have a serious SERIOUS Eloquii addiction (I probably check the site at least once a week, damn them). And they are totally touting this bouncy, flouncy little sneak peak into spring fashion.


And yeah, it was cold that day. Blustery, in fact. If only I could have had the pictures taken on my walk to work because the skirt was getting some serious movement in the wind. I felt loud, ridiculous and fabulous like André Leon Talley. I haven’t felt like that since I was eight months pregnant and my favorite piece of clothing was a leopard cape that I paired with the world’s largest mixed metal spike bracelet. I too was large…and fucking in charge. Which leads me to talk about what happens when we get smaller.

Those close to me have heard me talk about how weightloss isn’t all roses. If you are fat and you learn to love your body, guess what you have to do all over again when your body changes? There were things that just worked for my face and body shape and now some of my regular go-tos in hair, makeup, and clothing aren’t really cutting it. My size had some grandiosity to it and I find that that, too, is melting away with the fat. So getting some of that back with this giant, bright skirt was pretty nice.