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For the most part, there aren’t many things on my “no” list when it comes to my personal style. By now you hopefully know none of that has to do with flattering since I give no fucks. These are just general trends and styles that I tend to avoid, whether I feel they are played out or just plain fugly. Velvet pants, for one, is something I never thought I would buy.

Gray velvet pants

Even though like all college girls, I went through a wearing-pajama-pants-outside phase, I consider that a low point in my fashion life and was not keen on how much velvet pants look like they should have a giant Juicy written on the ass. But these Who What Wear lounge pants called to me, hard. It was probably the color. That gray is gorge.

Aliens loot crate shirt

A crop top (points if you get the ref) and lounge pants are literally things I wear to bed so slapping on a necklace and boots with them felt so wrong, it was right. Mostly, I just like the color palette that happened. Mostly. ­čśë

Next on my Never Never list was the ever hippy dippy slouchy maxi dress. On top of┬áthem being body-hiding garbage bags, this particular one is from H&M, with whom I have pretty serious beef since their size inclusivity is just sad. I can sporadically find things in a 16 but not nearly enough to give them my attention. But here’s the thing: This dress? It’s a medium.

H&M Kenzo maxi dress

Medium! Exactly how drapey is the motherfucker supposed to be, Kenzo? I could have easily fit into the small. This is already a bed sheet on me.

H&M Kenzo maxi dress

I kind of felt like I was sticking it to H&M for buying this. 1.) It was deeply discounted and there were a ton of them so clearly it was not well-received. 2.)Wearing a design not as intended is sometimes a big slap in the face to a brand, so I was happy with that.

Leopard print maxi dress

One upside to so much fabric, it moves like a boss. I can’t wait to wear this fucker on windy day.

Leopard print maxi dress

Leopard print maxi dress

I saved my biggest word-eating moment for last. I’ve even written about how much I don’t get the overalls comeback. For this one, I had actual vitriol. But then…70s wide legs came back, too. And then they joined forces. Ugh, so good.

Denim wide leg overalls

Also, this is yet another outfit inspired by my kween, Aarti of Curves Become Her. Her layering of denim to create a jumpsuit-like look was On. Point.

Denim wide leg overalls

I asked for the pants to be altered for wearing flats but somehow, they ended up long. It was actually lucky because I don’t think any shoe looks as good with these than my gold ankle boots.

Plus size denim overalls

It was also a good opportunity to try some lapel accenting, which I actually always loved but rarely wear collars. It’s good to have friends who are Etsy crafters and who share my affinity for burgers and fries!

Burger and fries sweater clips

Outfit Deets:

Velvet pants | Target

Denim overalls | Target

Sweater clips | Sweater Candy Shop @ Etsy

Gold ankle boots | Amazon

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Maybe it’s all this girl power going around combined with it being almost Halloween, but I’m just feeling some major witchy vibes lately. And when those gothic fashion urges take hold, sometimes they┬ámanifest in ghostly whites and blood-red lips.

Forever 21 plus size white lace romper

I bought this white lace romper because I thought it was so preciously 90s, not picturing my first look with it to be this sinister.

Forever 21 plus size white lace romper

What changed the tone were these incredible earrings. Oh, and the unshakable urge to play around with orange eyeliner. Yeah, that was a weird beauty craving. But I gotta say, I’ll be doing that again.

White floral earrings

The last time I was in Portland, I stopped a woman from across the room and screamed WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE EARRINGS. And guess what. She fucking made them! And because the universe provides, she has an Etsy store. Bonus: Etsy is on Ebates! That means you can get Cash Back on this very pair by joining here.

Forever 21 plus size white lace romper

There’s just something so Maleficent about them. They really would feel like they were my horns if it weren’t for their incredible lightness.

Forever 21 plus size white lace romper

Sigh. All this white lace just makes me want to get married again. It is just cruel that it’s only socially acceptable to renew your vows every 10 years DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY TIMES MY STYLE HAS CHANGED IN 10 YEARS. For one, I have bangs now. It’s kind of a big deal.

Shopping Linkies

White lace romper | Forever 21

Spine flower earrings | JulesEllingtonShop at Etsy

(Don’t forget to earn Cash Back on all Etsy purchases! Join Ebates here.)

Medusa’s Makeup Eyeliner Paint in Orange You Glad | Dolls Kill

Lippie Stix in Creature | ColourPop

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You know that scene in Die Hard (this is how my brain works) when Bruce Willis is rigging the plastic explosives to blow up the elevator and as he’s plugging in the detonators he says, “Fuck it” and plugs all of them in? This is exactly what went through my mind and what came out of my mouth when I decided to pair these boots with this fucking amazing skirt and top combo.



It’s the classic dilemma–you’ve got a few new things you’re dying to rock and you can’t decide which to wear first. These ASOS neoprene boots were begging to add a little pop to a camel sweater and cuffed jeans, but that’s just playing it safe. Plus, I couldn’t go another minute not wearing this look from EBV’s Etsy store. Etsy plus size is really coming up these days, let alone amazing 90s vintage finds like this!


The Oliver Peoples Sofee shades (a gift from my wonderful photog and co-worker Whitney Lynn) made for a color combo that says I am clearly not ready to let summer go just yet. It may have been blustery as hell outside but my strut was all coconut oil and rainbow sherbet.