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My husband is my biggest supporter, never hesitating to take on most of our bills so I could quit my job and venture out as a freelance writer with an unsteady income or return to school. Never complains about taking our son to and picking him up from daycare so I can catch my BART train on time. Never ever tells me it’s time to give up on something I care about, even when I’m sure it looks hopeless to everyone else.


Never refuses to take my picture, even though he’s done it a million times.


Never stops telling me he appreciates me.


Never stops telling me I’m beautiful.


He sees me at my best and worst and still takes me as is, no returns, no refunds. And the only time he tells me I’m wrong is when I tell him I owe him everything. But, trust me. I do.

Happy 5th Anniversary, Monkey. I love you today and I’ll love you tomorrow.


Dunes Beach in Half Moon Bay was absolute paradise last weekend, a perfect opportunity for a #dropthetowel photo shoot. This body positive campaign by Wear Your Voice is all about coming out, being seen and being comfortable in your skin while baring it. After all, it’s hot out there. Let those curves breathe.


Photoshoot and family day all in one? Absolutely perfect. Little Bear loved the waves and hubs got goofy with some dinos.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 20150719_161140Had no idea what he was doing. “Turn around and look surprised.” Boom.

20150719_161251Vince does not grasp the gravity of the situation. 


gaby_fresh_bikiniHello, Year Two of Bikini Wearing. We’re taking this mermaid shit up a notch.

Now, I’ve got a thing for lime. It might be my favorite of the brights. And don’t get me wrong, EVERY SINGLE ONE of Gabi Fresh’s bikinis for SwimsuitsForAll is, in no uncertain terms, amazing and I want them all. But I just thought this kiwi wrap bikini was off the motherfucking chain. One, it’s the only wrap style of the collection and two, I’m game for the challenge of making this work.

Although I have to admit, the skimpiness of this thing had me way nervous, considering the pic below is my go-to swim look–a mix and match bikini with generous coverage:

mixmatchIt’s comfy, it stays in place and it’s still flattering while showing just a touch of skin. I can’t knock it. Plus, who doesn’t love not matching? Yet I couldn’t believe how flattering the wrap bikini turned out to be, further proving that hiding your body doesn’t really do you any favors.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have these filthy mirrors in my backyard leftover from “the hoard” and they were doing awesome things in the light. I tried to capture it via selfie but failed. However, this little outtake captures some serious SHAPE.

lime3Goddamn. Bikinis and I will not be parting ways any time soon.