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Rebecca Minkoff bag

Maybe it’s my love for Christmas or maybe it’s just my gut instinct to pair opposing sides of the color wheel, but I love me some red and green. I really try not to make it all yule tide-y by going with more coral reds and not-so-evergreen greens. With this look, however, I really wanted to try layering greens as a nod to monochrome, which I think is ILL when done well.

We have some avocado in the skirt and a little lime in the belt but the bag (my coveted Rebecca Minkoff mini 5 zip clutch) is an eye-popping acid green–by far my favorite part of the outfit. I finished with look with a chunky silver necklace and tan gladiator sandals for some neutral touches. Summer house parties, I want to go to there!

What I’m Wearing:
Target linen skirt
Rebecca Minkoff mini 5 zip clutch from Revolve Clothing
INPINK silver plate necklace (similar here)
Urban Outfitters gladiator wedge sandals (similar here)

P.S. The baby and I matched that night.

Green baby


At the San Francisco Armory, home of

At the San Francisco Armory, home of

If you are half of a couple living in the SF Bay area and you need a little kick in the ass when it comes to planning date nights, my experience thus far with How About We for couples has been pretty satisfactory. Not only are do they offer some real savings, they coordinate with venues and restaurants to make your reservations so you don’t have to. WAY appreciated!

We signed up for a tour of the historic San Francisco Armory, which just haaaaaappens to be the studio’s of, a one-stop site for all your BDSM needs. And while we’re not really into that, we do like historic sites, we are fond of tours, and free drinks are also a plus. Add to that some gratuitous nudity and what else do you need for a long-awaited date with your baby daddy?

Calvin Klein dress

Holy crap was I glad I wore flats (not that I ever wear anything higher than a two-inch wedge–I’m very clumsy). I don’t know how many floors this Moorish castle-like place has, but we pretty much climbed stairs to all of them. After the tour, I took husband to one of my favorite restaurants in SF, Straw. Carnival food, need I say more? I also have to give a shout out to Lyft, a remarkable app that calls local drivers to your location and lets you pay them a “donation” on the spot with your phone. Try calling a cab in SF, they never come. Nor do they have pink mustaches on their front bumpers, which is just sad when you think about it.

What I Wore:
Calvin Klein dress
Beaded bib necklace (similar here)
Aldo studded gladiator sandals (similar here)
Mimi Boutique Jada bag in grey