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Now that my friends and I are getting older and more parental, we really don’t have many excuses to get together while dressed to the nines. And even if we did, we are so tired that we still secretly want to keep it comfy but it turns into a Mexican standoff where no one wants to say, “hey, let’s just have a pajama party” first. This is precisely what inspired me to work with this silver jumpsuit.

Silver pleated jumpsuit

Shiny, slinky, devoid of all abilities to accidentally flash panties, this piece is perfectly styled for the rowdiest of your New Year’s Eve shenanigans or the most couch-centric. It’s pretty comfortable so I rolled with the comfy chic and paired it with a bomber jacket and flat boots.

Floral bomber jacket

I really didn’t want this look to get too laid back and the easiest way to do that is to bring in the big guns for your accessories. And my favorite “big gun” as of late is crystal.

Baublebar occult necklace

I scored the necklace first and then just happened to find this amazing bun clip to create this ridiculous match made in shopaholic heaven. Again, this was one of those moments:

Kermit dark side meme

Guess which side won.

Silver pleated jumpsuit

So now that we have the comfier look out of the way, I can let my fabulous flag fly with THISSSSS

Sequin pencil skirt

I *clap* WAS *clap*FEELING *clap* MY *clap* SELF *clap* in this look. And that was an accomplishment considering this was a last-minute scramble of a look because Boohoo can’t get their shit together and send me my package on time.

Pink ankle boots

Also, this may officially be the most belly I have ever shown in public. But who wants to talk about a piece of skin when you’re captivated by so much sparkle. Which people were. And the boots were a close second. They continue to be my favorite ASOS purchase ever.

Sequin pencil skirt

The pink in this skirt is what sealed the deal for me. Colored sequin is hard to come by and I want all of it. I want to slowly turn my wardrobe into nothing but Selena stage clothes.

Sequin pencil skirt

Baublebar occult necklace

And one more look at this life-giving necklace. I want to be buried in it. And hopefully be brought back to life by it. Witch vibes.

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Beyond the Stars bun pin | Kitsch

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Occult choker | BaubleBar (1.5% Cash Back at Ebates! Join here.)

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First off, you have no idea how long I just searched for a GIF or meme depicting the scene in season five of 30 Rock where Liz explains how a bathing suit makes perfectly acceptable underwear when you’re running low on laundry. That’s just plain truth. And let’s just weed out all the liars who say they have never done this. But full disclosure, I had underwear options this day and just really, REALLY wanted to wear this pizza bathing suit.

Leopard faux fur bomber jacket plus size

Lovesick plus size ripped skinny jeans

I love bodysuits, guys. I love them. I didn’t think I could love them more than crop tops but they are closing in on the lead. After all, crop tops roll up when you go hard. And ironically, I love to wear them on “go hard” occasions. The struggle.

Pizza print plus size swimsuit

What laundry day did impede on were my denim choices. I originally wanted to balance the tightness of the suit with a baggy boyfriend jean. But this pair is literally the best pair I own. Bonus 30 Rock reference, they are my Brooklyn Without Limits/Halliburton jeans. My ass will never look better in another pair and I am legit buying a few more of these before they are gone forever.

Leopard faux fur bomber jacket plus size

Oh yeah, also, is there a 12-step program for bomber addiction? This is only the third one I own but maybe the 17th I wanted. I rationalized this one because it’s fuzzy and…that’s it. Yeah. Shut up.

Leopard faux fur bomber jacket plus size

Bam. Racer back. Always a plus. And for the cherry on top, I will direct your attention to this rad dino bones necklace.

Dinosaur bones necklace in gold

Shopping Linkies:

Plus Size Faux Fur Leopard Print Bomber Jacket | Charlotte Russe (sold out, similar here)

 Orange Pattern Pizza Clip Art One Piece Swimsuit | Amazon

Dinosaur Bones Necklace | Amazon

High Rise Skinny Jeans | Lovesick

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Summer jacket

My jacket collection has been the central focus of my wardrobe building as of late and I am beyond stoked to add this bright little baby from Lane Bryant to my closet. I’ve also been a little obsessed with black and white looks but I just love what happens when you throw colored summer jackets into the mix.

While the tassel flats, white shorts, and fitted jacket give the outfit a crisp preppy base, tribal prints and a seed bead collar necklace add my signature dash of rebellion. I am definitely daydreaming about what to do with this jacket next.

Cap toe flats

It’s been a while since I have color blocked and it is still one of my favorite trends. This color combo is what I like to call The Wonder Woman–golden yellow, cobalt blue, and fire engine red. The v-neck shirt and skinny jeans are chic yet basic pieces so I had a little wiggle room to pair a Forever 21 polka dot boyfriend jacket and my new love, a leopard bow Betsy Johnson doctor bag.

However, I really think the show stealer of the look is that sick pair of cap toe flats from Urban Outfitters. Cap toes are a trend that I feel gets very little play but one that instantly makes your outfit look a tad more expensive. I highly recommend them.

Target jacket

The lifeblood to a new mother is indeed the rare and coveted girls night out. Our destination for the evening was a bowling alley, which may sound a little unglamorous but if you think about it, the act of bowling requires a calculated walk that shows off your butt AND if you’re drunk enough those lanes can easily turn into catwalks.

Dressing to match the occasion is always an issue for me. Sometimes I’m just married to a certain look that, while fabulous, does not really go with the events of the evening. So I really wanted to focus on making this look comfortable and accessible yet still my own brand of sassy. I knew I would spend most of the night in bowling shoes so this was the perfect opportunity for a menswear-inspired look with boyfriend jeans and a structured jacket.

Spiked necklace

I love a healthy mix of femme and edgy and this printed jacket paired perfectly with a spiked necklace and ring set and my tried and true vintage watch stack.


Aaaand here’s an outtake that I just couldn’t help but share because my hair was so slamming.

What I’m Wearing:
Target printed jacket
Target T-strap sandals
INPINK necklace and ring set