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One of my favorite things to do with femme friends is bond over fashion. The second is drank. So when my friendboss Caitlin suggested we get together to construct some patched denim over a bottle of wine, I was pretty giddy. She has since moved to Colorado like so many priced-out Californians and I miss her. So here are a couple of lewks in my custom denim vest, not only to reminisce but just because it’s been a minute since I’ve rocked it.

Plus size denim vest

Plus size denim vest

I think you can probably make a game of finding the Alien references.

Plus size denim vest

In fact this whole piece is just lousy with pop-culture. But you know me. Could there be any other way?

Plus size denim vest

One thing I love to do is wear this piece with a dress and really any kind will do–a maxi, a skater, you name it. But a jumpsuit is maybe the ultimate pairing, especially this shiny off-the-shoulder number.

Plus size denim vest

Plus size denim vest

I also took this opportunity to play with a new eyeshadow palette–the Little Twin Stars palette from Sugarpill. The shadows are so light and airy and were the perfect topping to my cotton-candy look.

Plus size denim vest

Little Twin Stars eyeshadow palette

Check out some of my favorite pins and patches here!

Enamel pins and patches pop culture

Now that my friends and I are getting older and more parental, we really don’t have many excuses to get together while dressed to the nines. And even if we did, we are so tired that we still secretly want to keep it comfy but it turns into a Mexican standoff where no one wants to say, “hey, let’s just have a pajama party” first. This is precisely what inspired me to work with this silver jumpsuit.

Silver pleated jumpsuit

Shiny, slinky, devoid of all abilities to accidentally flash panties, this piece is perfectly styled for the rowdiest of your New Year’s Eve shenanigans or the most couch-centric. It’s pretty comfortable so I rolled with the comfy chic and paired it with a bomber jacket and flat boots.

Floral bomber jacket

I really didn’t want this look to get too laid back and the easiest way to do that is to bring in the big guns for your accessories. And my favorite “big gun” as of late is crystal.

Baublebar occult necklace

I scored the necklace first and then just happened to find this amazing bun clip to create this ridiculous match made in shopaholic heaven. Again, this was one of those moments:

Kermit dark side meme

Guess which side won.

Silver pleated jumpsuit

So now that we have the comfier look out of the way, I can let my fabulous flag fly with THISSSSS

Sequin pencil skirt

I *clap* WAS *clap*FEELING *clap* MY *clap* SELF *clap* in this look. And that was an accomplishment considering this was a last-minute scramble of a look because Boohoo can’t get their shit together and send me my package on time.

Pink ankle boots

Also, this may officially be the most belly I have ever shown in public. But who wants to talk about a piece of skin when you’re captivated by so much sparkle. Which people were. And the boots were a close second. They continue to be my favorite ASOS purchase ever.

Sequin pencil skirt

The pink in this skirt is what sealed the deal for me. Colored sequin is hard to come by and I want all of it. I want to slowly turn my wardrobe into nothing but Selena stage clothes.

Sequin pencil skirt

Baublebar occult necklace

And one more look at this life-giving necklace. I want to be buried in it. And hopefully be brought back to life by it. Witch vibes.

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Beyond the Stars bun pin | Kitsch

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Monif C Paloma Jumpsuit

I like to call this piece of clothing The Ghost. Why? Because it haunted me for weeks. The first time I saw this Monif C Paloma jumpsuit, I couldn’t take my eyes off it. It wasn’t that it was flat out fabulous. I actually intellectually knew it was pretty ugly because there was so much wrong with it. Fleece, camel, high neck, and a fucking sharkbite hem thrown in just for shits. But there was just something about it. Do you know what it’s like to cringe and drool at the same time? That’s exactly what happened.

I noodled on buying it for the longest time. I figured it was just styled well enough to sell me on it, but IRL it would be a fucking disaster. Then I finally saw a non-model in it, none other than Flight of the Fat Girl. And she fucking killed it. I had to go for it.

Monif C Paloma Jumpsuit

Guys, I was not confident coming into the office wearing this. I almost wanted to put a disarming spin on it by pairing it with a bear-ears headband and a painted-on nose so I could be a fabulous little cubby. But no, damn it! Challenge! Rage against the beauty standard machine. So glad I did. While I was a TAD hot in head-to-toe fleece, I still enjoyed myself in this look. In the future, I may just remove the pants and keep it as a top so stay tuned for a remix look on this one.

jumpsuit1You almost feel like you are getting away with something when you wear anything like this gorgeous and luxuriously soft H&M jumpsuit to work. Or anywhere outside the house for that matter. It feels like pajamas, it even kinda looks like them. Throw on a belt and leopard sandals, and you are totally fooling people into thinking you are suffering for fashion like normal.

jumpsuit2But literally, the most uncomfortable thing I wore that day was my ColourPop Ultra Matte in Limbo, and by uncomfortable I mean as uncomfortable as any long-staying lipstick can possibly be. That was my suffering for the day. Worth it.

jumpsuit3Warrior pose. I should have bought another one just for yoga. Live and learn.