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If you follow my personal Facebook page, you got an eye- and ear-full of the spastic joy I experienced getting these goddamn shoes in the mail. First, I know I am late but I had no idea alllllll the sick Vans were on Opening Ceremony. Like I’m a little upset no one told me and that I just assumed the best Vans were on LIKE AN IDIOT.
Opening Ceremony blue glitter Vans

You also caught a glimpse into my thought process around constructing outfits. Indeed, there is a method to the madness. And my madness screamed EXTRAPOLATE ON THE GLITTER BETCH. So I went with this silver glitter dress that I cut into a crop. Then my madness screamed USE LEOPARD AS A NEUTRAL BETCH. She is rude but she’s not wrong.

Forever 21 Plus cheetah stripe pencil skirt

I already knew I was going to go with a bold blue lip to tie in the shoes but then, oh that madness and her banshee voice—YOU HAVE A MATCHING NECKLACE BETCH OMG. I actually totes forgot. It’s been quite a while since I have featured it.

Blue glitter necklace

Finally, she was silenced. By sparkle.

Opening Ceremony blue glitter Vans

An amazing friend I met at last year’s We All Glow summit was in town to play a show with San Cha (who is liiiiiife). I was already in this outfit but thennnnnn…ok so I’m diving deep into suspenders. Mostly because I’m Single White (or Married Brown?) Female-ing Virgie Tovar. These babies came in the mail just before I was heading to the show.

Tape measure suspenders

That’s right I’M TAKING BACK MEASURING TAPE. I will no longer be oppressed by the emotional weight of inches around my waist. I will take that shit as seriously as superfluous clothing. Stay tuned for more outfits with theeeeeeeeese. I love them.

Shopping Linkies:

Blue glitter Vans | SOLD OUT! Find them on Ebay
Eye of the tiger skirt | Forever 21
Liquid Suede Lipstick in Jet Set | NYX
Bucket Boss suspenders | Amazon

Erika sheath neon plus size dress

I’m dipping into the archives here, folks. My hair has since been blonded and baby banged but my love for the day glo insanity that is this outfit remains unchanged. SF can get foggy, as you all know. So I just took it upon myself to be a beacon for tired commuters who found that being blinded was on par with a double espresso in terms of waking them the hell up.

Erika sheath neon plus size dress

Pencil dresses always make me feel like I’m walking off the set of Mad Men, no matter the cut or color. And while the neckline of this piece alone is marvelous, I had to play it up even more by throwing a cage bra into the mix. Orange nails and pink boots just seemed logical from there.

Gray lipstick MOTD

A neutral eye and charcoal lip really gave the colors in the look center stage. This dress can easily go with tan flats and a jewel-toned lip for a more conventional look. If you’re into that sort of thing. It’s cool if you are. We can still be friends. As long as you don’t mind gray lipstick on your margarita glass because after offering me a sip. (Note: Not offering me a sip means we can’t be friends.)

Outfit Deets:


Teggings Bra | Re/Dress

Lipstick | NYX (Stone Fox)


The days are becoming short and dark–just like me heyyyyyy. 🙂 While my color palettes may be getting slightly less sunny, fall is still bearable in my book if I can play with print and texture to my heart’s content. I started this outfit inspired by the Hozier tank I bought from his show in Berkeley last week. Wanted to punch it up with my beloved leopard pants and drive it home with some bright plaid. But I think the NYX Stone Fox lipstick was the lusciously dark icing on the cake.


These cat-eye shades were wonderfully unnecessary in the gloom but man, did they go or what? There may be a lot going on with this look but the colors are not competing and the style point is cohesive. But then again, one woman’s yass is another woman’s hot mess. Then AGAIN again, fuck that ho. She jealous.