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I’ve recently rejoined the world of the office worker (part-time copywriting) and of course, I found my closet bereft of respectable clothes and had to go shopping post haste. Pencil shirts and crop tops used to be my 9-5 jam but I find myself going a lil’ more retro lately. Ruffles and pinafores are back for their fall spotlight and while I normally hate them, they are terribly cute with circle skirts–just like this dreamy camel skirt with an even dreamier lining…which you can’t even see! Rude.

ModCloth circle skirt

So BLOOP, here it is.

ModCloth circle skirt

I admit, it looks off. Bit at least it’s interesting! I’m all for trying things backwards and inside out should the mood strike. Sometimes you end up with happy accidents, like when I wore THIS SKIRT backwards and it looked amazing.

ModCloth circle skirt

Also, these fucking spotted green velvet booties are giving me so much life rn. I really was in dire need of a fall boot and fully plan on rocking these with some boyfriend jeans in the soon time.

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Ruffled chambray shirt | Old Navy
Cheetah boots | Old Navy
Just This Sway midi skirt | ModCloth

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Mustard Strap Dress Forever 21 Plus Size

Ugh how I hate the hiatus-breaking posts. Not that I am really convinced that I have enough followers who need an explanation as to why I haven’t been updating or if the few I have even noticed that I’ve been MIA. It’s only that it feels weird getting back into things without going over what has kept me away. But basically, I am mad at my body. And for a body posi blogger, talk about a mind-fuck.

I’ve had some very bad wrist tendinitis and in the process of trying to tweek my desk ergonomics at work and at home, I have completely fucked up my already pretty fucked up back. I am pretty much always uncomfortable and I haven’t been pain-free a single day since maybe Christmas? And when a big part of the whole body posi movement is proclaiming that fat people can be healthy and then you suddenly start feeling unhealthy, it just makes you want to hide. Because you’re no longer the glowing example our movement needs. No fat femme yogi here. And I know I am suffering from things that also often happen to thin people. I know this. But walking the line between loving my body and denying the consequences of my eating disorder is just a tricky space in which to live. So that’s what I’m dealing with right now.

Being mad at your ill body and the limitations it is putting on your spirit can be a tough spell to break. It would take one seriously slaytastic outfit to get me feeling myself again. And maybe some accidental baby bangs…

Old Navy Denim Vest Plus Size

…AND finally pulling off a half-down top knot that didn’t make me want to hurl. That reeeeeeeally helped. Also, I really need to stop forgetting the healing powers of red lipstick.

Mamafierce Mustard Dress

You ever look in the mirror, especially after an excruciating saga of trying to find to find the right hair style, and say, “There she is. That’s the bitch I was meant to look like. She’s fucking rad and I want to be her best friend and I bet she has really cool taste in music and a cutting sense of humor but she’s prob supes humble about it obvi because she’s cray smart but still uses dumb-dumb slang? Is she on Snapchat?” No, me neither.

Mamafierce Dress: Forever 21
Vest: Old Navy
Lips: ColourPop