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20150402_114718I am completely guilty of under-utilizing a classic fashion staple I am lucky enough to have in my closet–the polka-dot button down. However, it’s denim and I always have a weird issue with wearing denim close to my face, I can’t really explain it. But I am challenging this phobia.

My hair is huge right now because I am growing out some layers that…happened when I tried to fix a bad cut BY MYSELF (why, dude?). I think this Bouffantiness is subconsciously affecting my outfits because this seems very vintage for me. Ankle-strap shoes, collared shirt, A-line skirt. A red lip would have been the clincher, but I digress. I was very pleased with the combination of these prints. A great rule of thumb is to mix prints in dramatically different sizes, not just color.

You’ll be seeing more play on prints now that one of my coworkers decided to instill Mixed Print Mondays at the office. However, we’re not sure how well-received this idea will be. I work in San Francisco. If it was Taupe Tuesdays, they’d be all over it. One chick told me she didn’t think she OWNED two prints. Good god.

Anyway, here’s a picture of my little man rocking his first (intentional with mousse and everythang) Mohawk.



Polka Dot Dress

I was invited to a white party this Memorial Day weekend, which is something I have only ever seen on episodes of Real Housewives. So natch, I was all about it. My first thought was how I could create a look around these amazing white fringe cowgirl boots I found in my husband’s grandmother’s hoarder house (she had like 20 brand-new pairs in my size–score).

Wood jewelry

Unfortunately I did not have an all-white dress that would go with these very Western shoes, but polka dots and ruffles? Great ingredients for a girly country look for this leisurely weekend. Some wooden accessories (all vintage finds, btw) were the perfect finishing touches.