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It’s been quite a while since I have done a photo shoot that doesn’t involve pushing a trend or product I love. While I love sharing my style with people, I often forget it is only part of what I love about doing this whole crazy fashion thing. It’s easy to forget that even though fashion is rooted in capitalism and is corrupted and co-opted and used as a tool of sexism and racism, it’s also an art.

Plus size floral dress

About a million years ago, I took professional guitar lessons for a hot second. I was trying to get pregnant and figured I should jump on the baby bucket list items while I had time. I still can’t play more than Karma Police and Oh Comely very, very badly but one thing I did learn was that music and fashion were similar conduits for me.

Plus size floral dress

Arranging chords is just like putting together an outfit. You have some options and there really is no real rhyme or reason as to why certain things go better together than other combinations. And when people try to sell you on rules for how you should pair things, you can take those rules and end up with basics and Bach, or you can ignore them and end up with statements and Stravinsky. My favorite aesthetic and sound has always been dissonance.

Plus size floral dress

Stripes and florals? That is some polyrhythmic shit right there.

Plus size floral dress

Sometimes I think I like putting an outfit together more than I actually like wearing it. While wearing an outfit without an audience isn’t as gratifying and cathartic as screaming to Dillinger Escape Plan in your car alone on a dark night, arranging it can be. That’s the thing I will never need followers for in order to enjoy. This must mean I’m in the right place. For the right reasons.

Plus size floral dress

Being surround by art definitely doesn’t make me want to call myself an artist, though. There will always be that separation for me between what I do and “real” art. The kind people sacrifice for. The kind you can’t sell with your personality, only with your skill and your perspective. And thank god, because my biggest skill literally is my personality.

Plus size floral dress

Plus size floral dress

At least it’s an original.

All photos lovingly taken by Annette of From Annette With Love and Fat Girls Traveling at the SFMOMA. <3


This Target skirt was a bright beacon of yellow light in the midst of a layoff from my dream job over a year ago. And when I saw it in my closet in the middle of a frustrated frenzy of trying to find something that would work with this beyond bold blue lip (ColourPop’s, Mr. Blonde), I figured what the hell. And then it just came together magically. Even my coral sandals matched and my $2 necklace from the little circle of Thrift Hell you Half Moon Bayans call Twice As Nice perfectly matched the aesthetic. Accidental outfits like these make me thank the lord for the invention of clothes and the human race for turning it into an art form. Real fashion isn’t about image, people. Because try as you might, you can’t control the interpretation that leads to the very concept of your image. Real fashion is pure expression. It is when the only fuck given is whether or not you feel real while wearing it. This was my real that day. 


Also, how do you like my little poem on Fat People Flipping You Off?


Mmm. That was a delicious Smurf.





My sister and I used to make calling each other “fat” an art form. My favorite of hers was Fatz-Maru. But my morphing of the chart-topping Smashing Pumpkins album Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness into one sick burn against The Deniellezebub was BY FAR the best insult I’ve ever concocted for anyone ever, ever. But now I can’t think of melon puns without it disrupting my train of thought so…here you go.

I don’t know what I’m doing in this picture, maybe about to break into The Thriller? But clearly, I make whatever this is look goooood with this awesome Rue 107 melon crop top (similar here). Some skinny ankle pants and chunky sandals give this outfit a little Beach Blanket Bingo vibe that just made me want to do The Monkey.


But instead, I got caught taking pictures by another coworker and went “full velociraptor” as my cousin Pumpkin would say to burn HER big sister for taking a similar picture OMG FULL CIRCLE GENIUS BRIANA.


But then I ended on a high flamingo note. Also, check out this Clueless Ultra Matte Lip from ColourPop, how fucking perfect is this color?


Even though my MOTD was colorful, it was still muted and soft enough to let the bright outfit take center stage. Lurve.


As you can tell, I’ve been really into pairing TOMS with skirts. Comfortable, yes. But I do really enjoy a sporty flair. Plus, this pair perfectly matched my INPINK earrings.


Speaking of which, INPINK was kind enough to give me a code to share with my friends and family (or anyone else reading this) for 30% off anything on their site with the exception of nail polish and gift cards. Their collections are absolutely amazing as well. You can get a complete look with a necklace, ring, bracelet, earrings and even a coordinating nail polish from Essie or OPI. Use code FIERCE30 at checkout!


Special props to my coworkers Caitlin and Whitney for this photoshoot. They certainly have an eye for location. As for me, I think all those binging sessions of ANTM have paid off because I am filling that space and smeyesing like a BOSS. cheetah4



My favorite part about this outfit, other than how fucking svelte I felt in it was asking people, “You like my dress?” them saying “Yas.” and me lifting up the shirt to reveal just an inch of belly and saying “Cuz it’s not a dress!”

midi2One, there are few things in life more satisfying than being sneaky (my BFF has heard me say this MANY times while taking her out on top secret beer runs or playing games of Sardines). Two, I guess I just like showing my belly these days? Three, and more importantly, I can’t wait to mix these Eloquii separates into my wardrobe. Graphic, floral, black and white, this skirt and shirt take on some major trends of the season all at once while managing to keep it classy yet sassy. Good god, they’re brilliant.

Back to the outfit, officially another mixed print if you count the tie-dye mock TOMS, which why wouldn’t you? You’re a nice person. You’d throw me a bone. I thought with this much black and white, two color pops in the necklace and shoes was called for. Oh…I forgot about my face. That too. But that’s a given. I’m also wearing my newest favorite piece of jewelry, a Lokai bracelet.


Why is this plastic bracelet so special? It’s what’s inside that counts. I could only make it sound corny so I’ll let the good people at Lokai tell the story. But I love the symbolism. I also love that the first thing my Datahead husband said when I told him about it was, “I bet those balls are filled with pee. Way to throw away 18 bucks.” He’s a gem.

I’ll end with one more shot of me hamming it up.


Leopard harem pants

Soooo I did it. I bought harem pants. During my last shopping spree at Forever 21, I tried on these leopard harem pants with the lowest of expectations, almost as a gag. And maybe I was really in need of a nap because the comfort level of these pants made me want to curl up on the dressing room floor for just the tiniest of meemies. But soon after that I was jolted back awake by the realization that I actually look fucking fabulous in them. Considering they are essentially unflattering on every body type, the fit just ain’t half bad. Gold jewelryA simple shell top and some delicate gold-tone jewels are ideal backup singers to these diva bottoms. I tried adding a neutral shoe but it was almost too safe, so I went with my go-to red peep toes. Also, you are jealous of my rings. Yes, that is a hedgehog.

hedgehog ringShell top: Forever 21
Squares Necklace: Urban Outfitters (similar)
Zig Zag Midi Ring: Urban Outfitters (similar)

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DKNY Jeans Dress

Even when my day calls for a casual look (which is like everyday on maternity leave), I have to inject some edge into my outfit. It is really the only way for me to feel like I am actually wearing clothes and not a burlap sack. This drawstring dress by DKNY Jeans is equal parts cool and comfy. The simple addition of a mixed metal spiked necklace from INPINK adds to the texture of the abstract print while giving the look that little dose of punk chic I crave.

INPINK necklace