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Ever since I saw Marie Southard Ospina fucking WERQ this Monif C cape romper, which was of course totally sold out at the time, I’ve been obsessed. So when I just happened to see that it was back in stock last week, I literally jumped up and down as I clicked through checkout.


Yas, people. Supermom finally has her cape. I was feeling pretty fucking fabulous this day even though it was hotter than balls, even in San Francisco, and a cape was totally ludicrous to wear in the scorching heat. But  I didn’t let it sour my strut. And then like Icarus who flew close to the sun, I just got a little too fierce for safety’s sake.


There goes my “this blog has been accident free for so and so days” sign.


Seriously, how unbelievably sweet is it to wear a cape on a Tuesday? One of my bosses asked me how I dress on Halloween, like if it’s my day off or something. Which I don’t take offense for in the least bit. The voice of Stacy London screams at me sometimes, telling me my favorite outfits look like costumes. But I just scream back at her SHUT IT YOU SNARKY CUNT and then I go about my life. Because one chick’s Halloween is another chick’s Tuesday morning. Some of us are just that weird.


romper1Happy Hour with coworkers usually turns into Happy Wee Hours of the Morning so I usually dress with comfort in mind. And, to my credit, I got this outfit half right with Sofft sandals that are just plain like walking on fluffy bunnies and this gorgeous lace romper from Eloquii, which allowed me to cross “worry about accidental panty flaunting” right off the list for the night.

romper2But fashion genius that I am FAILED to consider frequent peeing or, even more awkward, girl bonding group bathroom trips where I had to say “oh yeah, I have to get naked. You might wanna turn around. I don’t know if our friendship is there yet.” Spoiler alert: It was.

No regrets, children. I will take high-maintenance urination over fear of butt flashing and gnarly thigh rub any day. That, in the end, is what makes a good romper a fucking champion in evening wear. Shit gets improper, wear a romper.