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It may not look like it on the reg, but my style is rooted in chola. This is thanks to my big sister, cousins and their collective crew that were just the most badass bitches I had ever and probably will ever see. They taught me how to wrap my bun in a bandana, how to sharpen my winged eyeliner to razor points, and that every piece of clothing I could ever need was waiting for me at the army surplus–from baggy Ben’s to a canvas belt with a big “B” on the slide buckle. Although if I needed black house slippers and hoodless windbreakers, I’d have to take my gordita ass to Kmart, homes. But one style staple I never got to embrace from my Mexican roots was the bright, woven tapestry of a zarape.

zarape mini skirt mi vida boutique

These colors, mang. Again, I use things that are totally not neutrals as neutrals, like GOLD FUCKING LEOPARD PRINT, to give them room to pop.

Rue 107 gold leopard print crop top

And pop, they dooo.

Zarape plus size mini skirt

I remember my mom went to Mazatlan with her girlfriends when I was young enough for it to feel like a year even though it was probably a four-day weekend. She came back with a doll wearing a dress just like this skirt. Really wish I had kept. Would have been one hell of a photo opp. Tonta.

Rue 107 gold leopard print plus size crop top

Oh well. Seeing the city in my sunnies almost makes up for what could have been. Anyway, everyone should check out Mi Vida Boutique. They are based in LA and took a custom order on this skirt to accommodate my plus-size culo. All I had to do was email them! Check them out right meow. Also, buy me this pin, pleece:


Shopping Linkies:

Gold leopard crop top | Rue 107 (last season)
Zarape skirt | Mi Vida Boutique

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Protect those corneas, kids. I’m about to light this bitch up. Seriously, I feel like from the top up, I could easily be mistaken for an extra in the movie Hackers. Goddamn I love the 90s. Remember when Clinton played his sax on Arsenio? Good times.

Rue107 neon plus size bikini

But I digress. Here, in 2017, I’m now on family vacay in beautiful Pismo Beach with my monkey, my lil’ bear, my sister and her flock, even my mom, stepdad and grandpa. Feeling myself in the midst of all this domestic chaos was a challenge. But I packed accordingly. And if I bring day-glo on vacay, it means I’m not fucking around. This is MY me time. Damnit.

Rue107 neon plus size bikini

Did I slay you? Here’s a lifesaver. But wait…what’s this? A failed attempt to get my son a floatie for the pool (this one was wayyyyyy too big) resulting in some prop pics? Don’t mind if I do!

Rue107 neon plus size bikini

Sometimes, if you are fabulously vain and materialistic, you just can’t. fucking. even. with yourself. Like the slay is so strong you just gotta take a knee for a sec. Catch your breath. This was one of those times. Like who even is thissssssssss. Tell me.

Rue107 neon plus size bikini

It me. Floating into your IG.

Rue107 neon plus size bikini

This pool shoot was something I never even knew I had on my bucket list. When I went to the Golden Confidence pool party last year, I got some great shots but the duck…I love this duck. And now I am just realizing why I have been wearing all black since getting home from vacation. I clearly blew a color fuse. But now for something a touch more muted…

Plus size cactus print bodysuit

Remember when I hated overalls? People grow, OK. Also, they HAVE gotten cuter. Fight me right now if you think they’ve always been this lit. They have not.

Plus size cactus print bodysuit

My bodysuit obsession is still going strong. But my choker obsession is the new monster taking all my money, four bucks at a time.

Plus size denim overalls

Why even did we used to do this back in the day? I mean…why did YOU because they didn’t make overalls my size back in the day. At least not ones I could find anywhere but the army surplus. Those Ben Davis tents. Gangster.

Plus size denim overalls

Just contemplating my next painting. J/K my only talent is shopping.

Plus size cactus print bodysuit

Back to reality. It’s been real, central coast.

Shopping Linkies:

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Pink pom pom choker | Forever 21 (Get 2% Cash Back at Ebates! Join here.)
Kat Von D Plan 9 lipstick | Sephora (Get 4% Cash Back at Ebates! Join here.)

Cactus bodysuit | Forever 21 (Get 2% Cash Back at Ebates! Join here.)
Denim overalls | Forever 21 (Get 2% Cash Back at Ebates! Join here.)
Clear lucite choker | Forever 21 (Get 2% Cash Back at Ebates! Join here.)

Ready for another one of those “throw it against the wall and see if it sticks” outfits? Honestly, those are my favorite ones. They are a hot mess on paper but with a tiny bit of coordination and just the right strut, you can make anything werq.

Rue107 rooster skirt

Eloquii off shoulder top

I’ll let you in on another secret: I CAN’T decide which part of this look is my favorite. The luscious terra cotta top that turned me onto off-the-shoulder cuts this season, the poppin’ lace-up flats and my perfectly-matched eyeliner, my ghostly gray lip or my gold-vein glasses? Seriously, how am I supposed to pick? It’s like focal-point overkill–which is basically my middle name.

Bonlook Jack and Norma glasses

Definite Penelope Garcia vibes, right? And never mind. I DO know my favorite part of this outfit. The rooster skirt. Because do you want to know how many times I walked over to someone, said “guess what?” they said, “what?” and I turned around, pointed my ass at them and said “CHICKEN BUTT?” Too bad. I lost count.

Rue107 rooster skirt

This is me, very pleased with myself.

Outfit Deets:

Jack & Norma glasses | Bonlook

Piggy Bank eyeliner | ColourPop

Marshmallow Ultra Matte Lip ColourPop

Textured Off The Shoulder Top Eloquii

Eleanor Rooster skirt Rue107

Lace-up ballet flats Ebay