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I’ve been known to talk a blue streak about the resourcefulness of plus size women when it comes to dressing their bodies. I’ve unpacked and picked apart the question “Did being fat make it easier for me to be punk or did being punk make it easier for me to be fat?” The lack of options I had growing up was a painful blessing. It forced me to cultivate style and identity with scraps. And because they come in a plethora of sizes, t-shirts quickly became my best friend.

Premme babes tee

When the plus size industry finally started catering to women under 40, I left my tees in the dust and replaced them with empire waists and camisoles and halters. But that was pretty short lived. You can’t cut up a halter or cami and instantly customize it to your two-inch-long torso. This is what makes t-shirt special. They are perfect for lazy people.

However, any time I don’t have to cut a tee into a crop is a special moment. And there is literally no tee in the world that fits me better than my Premme babes shirt. Please PLEASE for the love of god make more shirts in this cut and take my money pleece.

Premme babes crop top

Ugh. Seriously.

Vintage crop top

This tee is an instant fave because, as you may recall, it is part of a co-ord set! The matching skirt is stunning but I love that I can wear this top with literally anything.

Cat t-shirt

And the cats. I’ve also written about this cat shirt. Because diet culture is a pervasive bitch, I was horrified one morning to try on this top and have it no longer fit. Crushed. Double crushed to feel so affected by something so trivial. It’s just a shirt. And my body is fine. I threw the shirt in the trash.

Cat t-shirt

Then I dug it out and slapped some side panels on it. When life throws you too-tight shirts, and you’re a resourceful fat bitch, you bust out your sewing machine.

When it comes to denim, I really like to branch out and try new trends. Since I have pairs in my go-to cuts and colors, denim has to be pretty compelling in order for me to add it to my wardrobe. Remember those mom jeans with the plastic knees…I would have. Just sayin. Luckily, I was happy to see some unique styles at rue21, along with some fall staples to pair them with. My new favorite fall must-have–the cropped hoodie.

rue21 ombre plus size jeans

The thing I cannot loathe more about sweaters is how long they tend to be on me (short AND short torsoed) and how hard of a problem that is to fix. Knit sweaters are very hard to alter and sweatshirts can be a bitch to cut correctly. So this solves my problem perfectly and is just the right amount of edge yours truly is accustomed to.

plus size cropped sweatshirt

Now for the jeans, one thing I have yet to try before this is an ombre wash, nor have I rocked a step cuff. I can definitely get used to this. This pair had plenty of stretch so the comfort level was amazing. Also, these are supposed to be crops but you know…short. It’s actually why I love crops. No alteration required.

rue21 ombre plus size jeans

Aaaand my life is also now completely because I have rose-gold sneakers. For. Under. 20. Bucks. *dies*

rue21 ombre plus size jeans

Printed denim is also something I have limited experience with, making these leopard babies all the more crucial.

rue21 plus fall jeans review

plus size savage crop top

And what is more “hard femme” than a lace trim SAVAGE crop top? I can’t wait to patch up this denim jacket. My denim vest was getting a tad full. Also, notice I am wearing the same sneakers in pewter and they are amazing.

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