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Where there is a will to wear sparkly shit on the reg, there is a way. Elvi recently reached out to me and asked me to give some pieces from their holiday collection a try and they are so gorgeous, I seriously had trouble choosing.

Plus size satin blouse

Besides an obvious weakness for shimmer and shine, I also can hardly resist a unique silhouette. I really do love a slouchy shirt but the color and accents of this one made it a must.

Plus size satin blouse

It’s not often that a piece of clothing feels special on this level. I also mean that literally. Wearing this felt like rolling around in satin sheets.

Plus size satin blouse

I also love this piece because it’s another “fuck flattering” style. Sometimes I trade feeling like an hourglass for feeling like a badass. Thin women are allowed to do this all the time. So can we!

Plus size sequin dress

Instead of going all out and showing you how I plan to rock this fit on NYE, I wanted to see just how much mileage I could get out of it with a chambray shirt. Turns out, plenty!

Plus size sequin dress

And it just happened to be by luck that I had shoes to perfectly match. I love when that happens.

Plus size sequin dress

Shopping Linkies:

Nude Sequin Slip Dress | Elvi
Copper Frill Shirt | Elvi
Sequin Patched Jean | Eloquii

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Now that my friends and I are getting older and more parental, we really don’t have many excuses to get together while dressed to the nines. And even if we did, we are so tired that we still secretly want to keep it comfy but it turns into a Mexican standoff where no one wants to say, “hey, let’s just have a pajama party” first. This is precisely what inspired me to work with this silver jumpsuit.

Silver pleated jumpsuit

Shiny, slinky, devoid of all abilities to accidentally flash panties, this piece is perfectly styled for the rowdiest of your New Year’s Eve shenanigans or the most couch-centric. It’s pretty comfortable so I rolled with the comfy chic and paired it with a bomber jacket and flat boots.

Floral bomber jacket

I really didn’t want this look to get too laid back and the easiest way to do that is to bring in the big guns for your accessories. And my favorite “big gun” as of late is crystal.

Baublebar occult necklace

I scored the necklace first and then just happened to find this amazing bun clip to create this ridiculous match made in shopaholic heaven. Again, this was one of those moments:

Kermit dark side meme

Guess which side won.

Silver pleated jumpsuit

So now that we have the comfier look out of the way, I can let my fabulous flag fly with THISSSSS

Sequin pencil skirt

I *clap* WAS *clap*FEELING *clap* MY *clap* SELF *clap* in this look. And that was an accomplishment considering this was a last-minute scramble of a look because Boohoo can’t get their shit together and send me my package on time.

Pink ankle boots

Also, this may officially be the most belly I have ever shown in public. But who wants to talk about a piece of skin when you’re captivated by so much sparkle. Which people were. And the boots were a close second. They continue to be my favorite ASOS purchase ever.

Sequin pencil skirt

The pink in this skirt is what sealed the deal for me. Colored sequin is hard to come by and I want all of it. I want to slowly turn my wardrobe into nothing but Selena stage clothes.

Sequin pencil skirt

Baublebar occult necklace

And one more look at this life-giving necklace. I want to be buried in it. And hopefully be brought back to life by it. Witch vibes.

Shopping Linkies:

Pleated silver jumpsuit | Target

Kat Von D Studded Kiss green lipstick | Sephora (4% Cash Back at Ebates! Join here.)

Floral bomber jacket | Fashion to Figure (6% Cash Back at Ebates! Join here.)

Beyond the Stars bun pin | Kitsch

Via Spiga Booties | Nordstrom Rack (1% Cash Back at Ebates! Join here.)

Occult choker | BaubleBar (1.5% Cash Back at Ebates! Join here.)

Soprano speckled crop top | Nordstrom Rack (1% Cash Back at Ebates! Join here.)

Variegated Sequin Pencil Skirt | ELOQUII (3.5% Cash Back at Ebates! Join here.)

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In the past, I have experienced many foiled attempts at fringe. One thing they don’t tell you about fringe is that even when it is easy to put on (when it’s not a fringe-bottomed crop top you have to somehow get over your head without getting little strings stuck in the neck and arm holes and crying until your husband can free you from this shirtmonster), it’s high maintenance to keep those little fuckers untangled. Adding sequin to the mix doesn’t make anything easier but holy crap does it make it more fun.

Nextmia sequin fringe plus size shift dress

Sequin fringe plus size shift dress

I have never felt so twirly in my damn life. And I’ve worn many a circle skirt literally made for twirling. This dress, from a NEW store I just discovered, is what I think a mermaid would wear for her first land date. So it was only fitting that I paired it with the necklace I ordered for last year’s Ursula costume. (Hubs was Ariel.) And the Docs? What can I say, grunge glam is my jam. Also can I just say that I was afraid of being way too sparkly with this much sequin AND endless coats of highlighter? WHY AM I DUMB AND THINK DUMB THINGS.

Nextmia sequin fringe plus size shift dress

Traipsing through the roses. This is why I love Oakland so much. This was not weird at all to passersby. The only downside to that is having to clone stamp many of them out of the background because they give no fucks that I’m trying to be fabulous here so maybe pick up the pace and get out of my shot? No? K.

Nextmia sequin fringe plus size shift dress

Ready to try Nextmia? Right now, this dress is 24% off! Even Vince knows that’s a good deal. 🙂 Also, he was very sad that I changed out of this to take him to the playground. I am raising a boy more fearless than I am, people. Cray. 

Briana of Mamafierce

Outfit Deets:

Sequin dress | Nextmia

Ursula necklace | WildflowerSeeds at Etsy

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I never say “napes” to capes these days. I almost choked on my gum at first sight of this Rebdolls Garnerstyle collab piece because I thought it was a cape top. However, I find that these unique open sleeves provide a similar effect. And while I tend to kind of hate cold-shoulder styles, this is a little different and still had that night-at-the-opera vibe I got from my cape dress.


But you can guess what got the most compliments on this outfit. Nothing really had a chance against that gold sequin skirt (matching top here), but I had no problems with that of course. Someone in the elevator asked if I was headed to a party and I said “No. It’s just Monday.”


Just love the movement on this. As for the rest of the Rebdolls Garnerstyle collection, I’m a fan and can’t wait for more. The pieces range from fun and flirty to sultry and sexy and has something for modest misses and exhibitionist babes alike.