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When I think of chafing, I can’t help but think of my first time at Coachella. All of the pictures I had seen of woman at Coachella before my arrival was, as far as I am convinced, an elaborate ruse to get me to buy expensive maxi dresses and bring nothing else to wear for the entire weekend. My thighs hated me for it, even though a good buddy had some life-giving Monkey Butt to lend me. But still, the damage to my party animal spirit was done. This is what thigh chafing and chub rub does, people. It’s no joke.

So when I was approached by Thigh Society to test out a mid- or high-waisted short, I jumped on it. Learning how to prevent chafing now was perfect timing for all those dressy holiday parties coming up. Those tend to get stuffy and hot real quick. I opted for a high-waisted pair since I also wanted to see how they would serve as shapewear.

Thigh Society high waisted anti chafing shorts

I’ll tell a stranger on the street I hate Spanx. They are torture and, spoiler alert, I still look fat in them like I look fat in everything. For that kind of discomfort, they better turn me instantly into Ashley Graham. They don’t, so bye. What I DO like about some shapewear is the fupa jiggle control, which is why I rock the spandex granny panties or just a plain bikini bottom most of the time. Thigh Society’s Ultra High Rise Anti-chafing Slip Short will not serve that purpose unless you size down. However, when you buy true to size, they literally feel like you are wearing nothing at all.

Nothing at all.


Ned Flanders The Simpson's nothing at all stupid sexy flanders GIF

I had to. Anyway. Breathable, stretchable. They really were amazingly comfortable and, probably because they weren’t overly tight, they stayed in place!

Thigh Society high waisted anti chafing shorts

True story, I finished a tattoo on my thigh the day after receiving them so I used them to keep my slippery bandaging in place. It worked like a charm.

Thigh Society high waisted anti chafing shorts

But will they keep your thighs from chafing? I spent pretty much all day in this outfit. Running errands, lightly cleaning my house, etc. They really didn’t move. And they were so comfortable, I ended up sleeping in them.

Nine West scuba skater dress

I think it’s safe to say they work and I will be getting a pair in nude for my other dresses. At $34 bucks a pop, I’d say it’s more than worth it.

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