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David's Bridal dress

Hubs and I just celebrated our third wedding anniversary in one of our favorite places, Pismo Beach. We always like to go out to one super fancy dinner and this is THE fancy dress in my closet. Not to say it’s the only one, but it is certainly a fan favorite and a great way to achieve a vintage meets modern look.

Would you believe it’s a bridesmaid dress? I mean, I didn’t buy it for a wedding but it is from David’s Bridal. Still though, crazy right? And bonus–I recently had to have it taken in from a size 22 to an 18. Nice to know something that could flatter me 35+ pounds ago can still do it’s job with a little tweaking.

Monogram cuff bracelet

I really played up the 50s vibe of the dress with three-strand pearls (which was my first anniversary gift from hubs) and a floral monogram cuff from Anthropologie. The modern touches are few but bold–a colored smokey eye and pointy-toe flats is my only peak into the present but it really packs a punch!

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Vintage LED watch

Stacking a watch with bracelets is nothing new but I have been seeing a ton of vintage watches paired with wood beads and woven bracelets for a super cool summer look.

Finding a gold-tone retro watch is really no big whoop with a little eBay searching but I really, really wanted a vintage LED watch, totally old-school. This is just my husband’s nerdery rubbing off on me. A well-kept red LED watch can set you back up to $300 but I found this one for $20! And it even (kinda) works!

I found the woven leather and wood-bead bracelets at a cute shop in Marin but you can easily make your own. In fact, braiding friendship bracelets is an awesome mindless activity for those times you are confined to the house. I never in my life learned how to do it before and I found a very user-friendly tutorial here.