Mamafierce | The Fall Finale |
In which I bid a fond adieu to fall trends with two final lush looks.
fall trends
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Zelie for She plus size maxi dress

The Fall Finale

It’s a rare treat that I can support the pricier indie plus size brands, but I take every chance I get. My first purchase with Zelie For She has left me one happy fall fatty.

Zelie for She plus size maxi dress

Finally, my Angelina Jolie leg moment has arrived.

Plus size faux fur vest

Seriously, I’m so stoked¬†I don’t have to wait for spring to finally show off the thigh piece I got done in October. Let’s zoom in for a closer look, shall we?

Zelie for She plus size maxi dress

This print is so luscious, I want to melt it into a cup and drink it like Swiss Miss. I’m a sucker for moody florals. Also, I’m low-key on a 70s kick so a peasant cut like this paired with a ridiculously Sonny¬†and Cher vest really hit the spot.

Plus size faux fur vest

And yes, those are white pointed loafers. I was torn between them and white platform sandals.

OK guys, It’s been a while and I’m LONG overdue. It’s cape time, baby.

Plus size mustard cape jacket

And yes, I know I’m supposed to rock this magnificent bastard FROM TARGET with long sleeves but they just don’t make many long sleeve crop tops (the only kind of tops I wear now) and I’m at a deficit of long sleeve dresses K?

Plus size mustard cape jacket

Plus, I really needed to rock my new LuLaRoe dress and thought this color combo was liiiife.

Plus size LuLaRoe Amelia dress

Plus size LuLaRoe Amelia dress

Don’t you love when your lipstick perf matches your damn tights? I do. I also love how it makes the cape jacket pop just that much more. Oh Fall. I already miss you.

Shopping Linkies:

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Faux fur vest | Ebay (similar here)

White pointed loafers | ASOS (similar here) with 2.5 Cash Back at Ebates! Join here.

Cape jacket | Target

Amelia dress | LuLaRoe

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