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fur vest

Velveteen dream.

fur vest

It seems that my crack as of late is top and bottom combos. While rompers and jumpsuits were solidly at the top of my hot list, matching tops and bottoms have taken the lead due to one crucial element–a little belly action. You cannot escape my belly these days. Now you see it, now you–oh. Nope. Still there.

And while I was steadily stocking up on all the combos I would ever possibly need, the criteria for buying them became more strict. But believe it or not, I did not nor ever before own a single piece of velvet clothing. Obviously, I could not resist this H&M velvet crop top and velvet skirt in rich merlot.

Also, that was a hard pose to hold. Here’s me almost falling.

fur vest

As for the fur vest (similar here), spike necklace and WTF-is-that-neon-green-lipstick, I think there’s a couple of things responsible for this and they are both totally 90s–Brad Pitt in Fight Club and this picture of OTEP. These were the images coming to mind when I was pulling pieces together. The green lipstick, which is actually a blend of two colors from Limnit Lipstick on Etsy, is just me getting weird with it. I am pleased.

velvet crop top

All these pieces will get me through winter just swimingly until my hunt for rompers will recommence.



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