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I've got a fan girl fever. And the only prescription is more Stranger Things shirts.
stranger things shirts
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TeeFury Stranger Things shirts

When You’re Strange

I think it took a whopping 3-4 weeks or something for me to finally watch Stranger Things. This was after I didn’t have a friend left in the would who was not all the way up my ass about it. Excuuuuuse me that I compulsively need to watch an episode or three of Hoarders before going to bed every night in order to fall asleep with the knowledge that I at least kinda have my shit together and this usually takes up all my media consumption time.

TeeFury Stranger Things shirts

But I was a fool, obvi. A beautiful little fool! I don’t know what spoke to me most–the 80s horror nostalgia or watching a bad ass chick infiltrate a ragtag group of nerdy boys as was my own teenage aspirations. Either way, I was fucking hooked. And what’s the first thing I do when I know I love something? I look for a freak flag to fly about it…

TeeFury Stranger Things shirts

…and I get hubs a matching one (1. Cuz love him. 2. Watching him accidentally put on the shirt that I cut into a sassy lil’ crop top is priceless…and no, no pics. I BEGGED.)…

TeeFury Stranger Things shirts

…and I make a meme (share it!).

TeeFury Stranger Things shirts

And I don’t really know how to segue into this but here’s a snap of my necklace looking like pizza.

Triangle necklace

Anyway, back to Barb. I think we all had a good ole’ shower cry the night we found out she was really deadsies. I know the moment I saw that Barb-shaped pile-o-go, my subconscious jukebox pressed F7 for Seal’s Kiss From a Rose. Mark was VERY into her as well. I hear he has a thing for chubby nerds? So this next purchase seemed just as fitting.

Barb Doll shirt from TeeFury

Barb Doll shirt from TeeFury

Of course the Barb Doll comes with a Trapper Keeper. Of course it does. By the way, I got both of these shirts with 5% Cash Back at Ebates. My next check will be over $70 and counting! Totes not a scam. Stores pay Ebates and they share the commission with you when you shop. If you aren’t already a member, join here for free.

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  • Becky Sherman
    Posted at 18:06h, 04 October

    Ebates is for real! Just got my check in the mail last week! Loving that leopard skirt as well as the t-shirts!

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