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Novelty Halloween shirts sure have come a long way.
halloween shirts
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Don't be a basic witch hallween shirts

Witchy Woman

In case you haven’t yet figured it out, I’m one of those people whose number one reason for loving Halloween is that it makes crazy makeup, accessories and clothes totally acceptable. That and flash tattoo events. $31 to get a little ghost with butt cheeks on my arm? Aww yiss.

Don't be a basic witch hallween shirts

It also happens every single year, without fail, that I find super cute novelty Halloween shirts, buy them, fully intend to wear them in public, then quickly downgrade them to my PJ drawer. Why? Dipshits who like to say, “But it’s not even Halloween yet.” UGH EAT IT.

Don't be a basic witch hallween shirts

But THIS SHIRT, uh-uh. I would not be stopped from wearing this in the light of day. But I needed a way to make it classy. And you can’t spell classy without polka dot palazzo pants. A dark lip and bright eye is my goth makeup MO and it kicked the door wide open for my poison ivy-esque green velvet shoes.

Polka dot palazzo pants and green velvet shoes

I think I did my due diligence to not be basic with this one even though this was a no-fuss, comfy outfit. I could live in those flowy pants. I want a flowy pants kind of life. Too bad I’m the type of person to get wound up when people make stupid comments about it not being Halloween yet. LIKE FUCK I KNOW WHAT A CALENDAR IS DIE.

Don't be a basic witch hallween shirts

Breathe. Woosah.

Shopping Linkies:

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Polka dot palazzo pants | Lane Bryant (available at Bonanza)

Velvet flats | ModCloth (last season, similar here and here)

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